Michelle and Frazer

Hi , I’ve not been on here for a long time and I’m not sure how to use the new site
Many of you may remember Frazer my assistance dog . He hasnt been well. He had Cancer and has had to retire . Hes a lot better than he was they managed to operate but hes slowing down and he deserves a rest from his duties . I am hoping to train with another assistance dog soon . We will keep Frazer and hopefully have some happy memories with him in his retirement


Hi Michelle
Great to hear from you and glad to hear that you still had Frazer . Sorry he was ill but glad he could retire with you. The website has changed and the clientele and conversation styles are different but there are some who have hung on. Hope you and Frazer keep well.

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So sorry to read about Frazer. I hope that he enjoys his well earned retirement. Although I have been reading this forum for many years, I have never actually posted before. I never felt that I had anything anyone would want to read about. I have an elderly dog myself (not an assistant one). She has really helped me through my MS journey, so I have some idea of what it feels like when they begin to age. Wishing you and Frazer all the best.


Thanks Mick, I’m not sure how long Frazer will have left with us because although hes better now , it will probably return but I’m just enjoying the time with him and spoiling him . I hope that you are okay and everyone else on here too
Michelle and Frazer xx

Aww thanks Beth you are right they are such a big part of us and can help us cope with our disability. Its lovely to have you on here . Thank you for replying

Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Shelly
So sorry to hear that Fraser is unwell. I know from your previous posts how attached you are to him. Animals really become part of the family and of course Fraser has helped you gain more independence. It’s amazing how many people stop and chat when you are out with a dog.

I have an elderly King Charles spaniel and a twenty one year old cat who we have had since she was six weeks old. We have just bought her some steps so that she can still climb onto the sofa!!

Sue x

Its lovely to hear from you Sue . Thats amaazing getting to 21, I didnt know that Cats lived for so long.
Its brilliant how you’ve made the steps for your elderly dog so he can get onto the sofa . They really are a mans best friend arnt they . They make such a difference to our lives .
Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle

So sorry to read about Fraser he has always been such a loving loyal dog to you, sending hugs to both of you.

This new forum I find quite difficult and I miss seeing a lot of the users that were on the old one, so I am pleased to see you.

Take care all of you

Pam x

Thanks for your message Pam, I am so glad to hear from so many of my old friends, I feel as if I’ve lost touch with everyone and the new site is very hard to follow .I hope that you and your family are well .
Take care
Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle. That’s sad news about Frazer. I know how attached you are to him. Our beloved animals are so much more than, ‘just a dog’ or a cat.
I hope you fill the end times with lovely memories.

On a different note, have you heard anything from the lovely Steve Snore? He disappeared from the radar last October and between his cancer, pressure sores so bad he was admitted to a care home and covid I’m very concerned. I fear the worst.

Hi , Poppy it’s so lovely to hear from you , I feel guilty for having a long gap in being in touch with all my friends on the forum. It’s amazing how quickly time goes. Frazer is doing well hes much better. I’m hoping to have another assistance dog soon but Frazer will stay with us and hopefully have a new best friend to play with and I’m sure Frazer will love that .
Like you I have felt concerned over Steve Snore , Jackie from the forum had messaged me a while back saying no one had heard from Steve. I felt that Steve was so inspirational, he loved travelling and went all over the place and I loved his recipes too. If you read this Steve we all miss you and would love to have you back again .
I’ve missed so many of you Pat ( Snow leopard) and also Don from Margate and Terry too i always loved his adventures, and so many more people too .
Thanks for replying to my message everyone.

Michelle and Frazer xx

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So many people have gone missing since the new layout of the forum. I hardly ever come on now. I just don’t like it.
I’ve often thought of you as I know you have a salsa mini, which I now have also. Completely chair dependant now and trying to convince myself that life isn’t that bad. :roll_eyes: