Does anyone else have an Assistance dog

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has an assistance dog? I’ve had mine since November and its making such a difference to me, he’s a golden retriever called Frazer. He was trained by Canine partners. Its really made a massive difference to me , he’s trained to walk alongside my chair and can do task work like picking up dropped items, getting tins of the supermarket shelves and he can take my boots off and empty the washing machine. The best thing he does is give me confidence, i was too scared to go out but i am going all over the place now, he’s absolutely gorgeous, he puts his head on my knee and his brown eyes melt my heart.

I’d love to talk to someone else who got one or is applying for one, they are often used for people with mobility issues

Michelle x

No but how lovely. I would love one!

Pat xx

Thanks for replying Pat, I don’t think there are many assistance dogs for the disabled out there yet, there are probably more guide dogs for the blind. I’ve felt so lonely since I got ill, like I didn’t fit in anymore , I’ve got lots of friends but I feel I’ve changed and become a different person, and hard for them to relate to me at times, its good to talk to people that understand, this group is brilliant, i’m sorry because I haven’t got a diagnosis so perhaps should be on the other forum, but on here i feel that people understand and can identify with me.

Your dog sounds lovely. I do love dogs, especially intelligent ones like yours. Not so much the badly trained, boisterous ones which jump up and bowl me over - at best putting muddy paw prints on my clothes, at worst almost knocking me down. And such dogs do seem to target me - don’t know if it’s the way I smell? I do shower every day… Anyway, your dog sounds like a wonderful companion.

How wonderful Michelle, I have two dogs, both bring me such pleasure! I’ve also had two golden retrievers in the distant past, they are such loving, loyal and intelligent dogs.

I understand that you feel more understood on this section of the forum as you’ve been having symptoms for so long now… you are very welcome on here…there are a couple of other people who still don’t have an official dx but come on here.

take care

Nina x

Thank you Nina, I’ve had a really tearful week, i keep trying to see all the good things and be grateful things i am so fortunate got a lovely husband, I’ve been married for 30 yrs and good children 7 of them, but this has really got me down I get tired of playing “the glad Game” ever read Pollyanna, i loved that book as a child but sometimes it so hard putting on a brave face when so many life changing things are going on. I’m fortunate getting Frazer, he was actually supposed to be a guide dog but didn’t make the grade because he had a slight cataract in one eye, my husband works for guide dogs and one of his collegues works for Canine partners and they offered to train me with him, otherwise i would have had to wait a bit longer for one of Canine partner dogs, I really think he’s amazing the very best thing that has happened for me.

Have you had ms long Nina? Was it hard adjusting to your disability? People say you go through a grieving process, sometimes i think " I’ve got this… i’m okay"… and then i go through a really low patch, it doesn’t help not knowing what i’m grieving… well not knowing why its happened what is causing this sometimes i feel as if i’m going mad, I know one thing though if ever i find out what it is i won’t be asking will i end up in a wheelchair… i’ve already done that bit.

Thanks for listening Michelle x

Thanks Lapwing, he is a lovely companion, but i have to remember he’s still a dog, he can be mischevious at times I had to laugh the other day i was in whsmiths with my little girl and i was buying a bar of chocolate, i dropped it and as usual said… “get it bring it to me” unfortunately he tasted it and i shame faced had to produce a badly chewed up slobbered on block of chocolate at the till. … the temptation was too much for him. but usually he is very good.


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Hi Michelle.

Yes, I’ve had MS since I was 14 and I’m 63 now…I didn’t get an official dx until my forties. It is very hard adjusting…there are still times even now when I think I can do more than I can. Most of the time I am perfectly happy wih my strange life but like all of us I get times when I get depressed. I do take antidepressants which, believe me, do help. Little by little you do learn to cope but maybe it would help if you spoke to your gp about antidepressants.

I think most of us do the Pollyanna thing! That’s one of the many good reasons why it’s so good to come on here and be able to tell it as it is without having to put on a brave face because everyone understands and everyone is so supportive.

Im sorry you’ve had a tearful week, I always find I get tearful when I push myself too much, so maybe a good restful week is in order for you?

Its good to hear you’ve got a good supportive husband and family…I hope they are able to understand a little?

hope this week will be better for you, take care,

Nina x

Thanks Nina, you say such nice things, I feel a lot better just from reading your message. I had stopped the antidepressants a couple of months ago the cotton wool feeling was great but there were other side effects, also I felt a real stigma with doctors blaming my problems all on stress, I felt like i wanted to prove them all wrong.

Michelle x

Michelle give Frazer a big hug from me he sounds a real darling I am so envious. I love dogs and cats but Heather my wife is allergic to them her eyes run and she has trouble breathing so no pets or assistance dog for me.

I have had MS for over twenty years and at times it is to much and I want a dark room and the whole world to take a jump. It’s OK to feel like that and Pollyanna can take a few days off, but make sure you recognize it and can cheer up again, I was really depressed be for Christmas but anti depressants and the guys on here plus my wife Heather and family dusted me down brushed me off and now I am back flying solo again.

XX Don

I’m sure they are wrong Michelle to blame it all on stress…but you know with all you have had to cope with you need a helping hand.

Depression and MS are a bit like the chicken and the egg…which came first? Being so ill is bound to cause depression at times but it can also be caused by the position of lesions and or the lack of signals getting through. Don’t let the drs make you feel you shouldn’t take them if you need them. I don’t get the cotton wool feeling from them …they simply stop me from being constantly sad…I do get sad/depressed days even taking them, which in itself makes me realise how awful it would be without them. If you had side effects you could ask to try a different one…a lot of people seem to get on well with citolapram. I take fluoxetine and they’ve served me well for twenty odd years now.

Take care of yourself and keep your chin up!

Don, it’s so great to know your back on track.

Nina x

Thanks Nina, I will probably start taking them again

Thanks Don, I’ll give Frazer a big hug from you

Thanks for your kind words I’m glad you are feeling better, those horrible depressive feeling are dreadful. Heather sounds a good support.

Michelle x