Assistance Dog

Hi all,

i think this this is probably quite a niche question and most of you probably won’t have any advice to give. But (I’m going to ask anyway), has anyone here applied in succeeded in getting an assistance dog? I ask because I’m trying to look into it but all the websites I’m looking at say that they aren’t accepting applications. Getting a dog to walk every day would do wonders for my mobility because when I have walked with my parents dog it has negated to need for balancing aids, also it would be a huge help trying to put socks on etc. Oh and to get a phone for me so I don’t have to wait until my wife gets home from work to pick me up off the floor.

So, yeah, any help would be greatly received.

Simon, aged 31 and a half.

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i have a Facebook friend called Katy who has a Canine Partner. She has CP and is quite physically challenged, but I know Folly (her dog) has been with her thru uni, and is an essential part of her life. Try Canine Partners.

Thanks Red, I had a look at their site earlier. But, long waiting list etc, so they aren’t accepting new applications. I’ll keep checking though.

Hello Simon. There’s a lady on the other primary progressive ms forum called shelleyonthebeach, she has an assistance dog called Fraser, who is by all accounts fantastic and wonderful, may I suggest you have a little look for her, I’m sure she would try and help

I’ll send her a message, cheers Slug

It will take a while. Canine partners have to be trained, much like guide dogs and it does not happen overnight. Also I imagine you would be vetted (sorry for the pun) as they try and match ppl and dogs closely.

You could always train your own dog :slight_smile: It’s amazing how smart most dogs are. My own Lab who came to me as an 8 mnth old rehome case, kindly wakes me up when my blood sugars become to low, I’ve also taught her through fun and games to bring things to me when I ask her to.

I did think about that @horsemad , just I don’t have the patience or energy to do it. Also, having a 2 year old (huge doggy distraction), the convenience of having all the trading done already for me…