Registering Assistance Dog

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This is most likely going to be a question that will not be easy to answer or find answers for. My mother has MS and has trained her dog to assist with walking, leans on her to stop her falling over and generally helps her day to day.

I am struggling to find information regarding ‘registering’ him as an assistance dog. Does anyone have any information on this process or any experience themselves?

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Hi I thought I’d already posted this but can’t see anything.

i was looking into the same thing recently, here’s the link.

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Hi Smiley,

How lovely to hear that your mum has such a wonderful and helpful companion.Unfortunately, I’m not too sure how you might go about registering the dog as an assistance dog , but there are a couple of uk based assistance charities that might be able to help you. One that might be of particular help is Assistance Dogs UK (sorry I don’t have the link, but you can Google them)They are an umbrella organist ion for various assistance dog charities like Canine Partners and Dogs for Good ,among others, and their website seems to be full of valuable info regarding the law,and registering pets as assistance dogs.

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I’m confused as the link goes to an American site, No idea about how to register in the UK though.

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Thought I’d update everyone on this. My mum has started a course with a company called Pawtected in the UK. She uploads videos of her dog doing basic tasks and tasks that help with her MS. These videos then get graded and once he has finished the course he will be seen as an ‘Owner Trained Assistance Dog’. I have also spoken to British Airways and they do not need the dog to be a ‘registered’ assistance dog. They just need documentation to prove that he has been trained as an assistance dog - which we will have after the course is finished, he will get a certificate :slight_smile: