Loosing Independence

A rant…I’m fed up.I use a manual wheelchair when I go out, the biggest problem is that alot of places are not wheelchair accessible. What I mean is drop kerbs…well may be dropped to a fashion, but still so difficult to get up on the front castors. People park across them, then it’s a nightmare trying to seek out a dropped kerb because of parked cars all obstructing them. Then there’s people who park so close that I can’t get the chair out of the car ( I put it on back seat for ease of getting it in/out) , or car park so full at GP surgery, people abandon them anywhere. Dentist is the same for parking (all disabled bays are already taken). The wheelchair access at my GP has a kerb lip and it’s on a slope. I can’t actually go out on my own due to these issues, have to have someone with me in case they need to push me up slope, up a kerb or get chair out of the car as some dim wit has parked to close! I’d love to be able to pop to local shop or have GP appointment on my own. I’ve lost my confidence and independence all because the world doesn’t really cater for wheelchair users. It’s frustrating and depressing, I want to be able to go out on my own.

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i 100% understand what you are saying! i nearly was killed because i had to go on a main road because a blood transfusion van was parked on dropped kerb. last week my son had to rescue me cos a delivery van caused me issues. theres loads of other examples over the past 5 years since i have been a chair but nobody understands how hard it is-my goal is the same-i want to be able to go out safely on my own!

take care, ellie


How frustrating. People don’t realise wheelchair users difficulties until they’re actually in one or are with someone in one.

I use a scooter that’s on a hoist in my car when I’m out. I put a sticker on my back window asking to leave room to get scooter out. Sometimes people just don’t. So I always leave extra room in front so I can always move the car forward.

Mind still have the same dropped kerb problems as you.

Keep rolling.

Jen x

totally agree re the curbs, not enough parking enforcement people these days where I live my “rant of the moment”, able bodied people using the only disabled access toilet, “oh sorry, didn’t know you were waiting”. Makes my blood boil Charlie


How flippin’ frustrating.

This may or may not be food for thought.

I know that when I was merely an able-bod I would not have given much thought to people who use wheelchairs.

I can not use a self propelled chair because one of my hands does not work so I could only manage anti-clockwise circles, so my solution is to use a mobility scooter which can also have a few issues with kerbs.

Keep on trucking


Oh yeah, I have become a woman on a mission since using wheelchair. Tip for dropped kerbs that are NOT. Turn around and reverse up. You have to hold up traffic momentarily but, it ain’t your fault!

I give ppl who park on dropped kerbs the Death Stare, or the occasional Pointed Remark. Severely tempted to write msg in lipstick on the windscreen…

this marvellous sketch made me laugh Alf Garnett: Wheelchair in the road - YouTube


made me laugh


I’ve just watched that clip now. Oh lord, I’m crying! If only…

That sketch was so funny! Obviously made before political correctness took over!