Weekend away

Coping with MS on weekend away… At long last went away for the weekend with my lovely husband, how did I cope with MS on weekend away?.. I was very worried how I would cope what with my progressive MS and my new Suprapubic catheter, I only had it put in the week before we went away. Read more http://www.amazon-lady.com/coping-with-ms-on-weekend-away/

Great blog as usual AL, didn’t realise you were coming to my ‘neck of the woods’ hope you enjoyed our wonderful (but hilly) scenery, and Good cathedrall, as you rightly say, is beautiful.

Regarding hotels that advertise disabled accessible, well some of them truly have a different ideas of disability than is the norm. Why they don’t ask a wheelchair user to advise them is beyond me.

We had a similar thing when we went to Torquay, hotel described as accessible, as was the room…when we got there they had 3 steps to get to the front door!!!

Glad you enjoyed your break away, but as you say, itts nice to get home.

Pam x

**should say Glos not good…predictive text!

Pam x

Hello AL.

Glad you managed to get away and have a good time. I’m jealous because we haven’t been to Gloucester Cathedral yet. We’ve done Worcester and Hereford as part of the Three Choirs Festival but we’ll have to wait a bit before we get there. It’s a bit much to expect our 3-year-old daughter to sit through Bach’s St Matthew Passion or similar!

It’s such a shame that the opportunity for spontaneity is reduced for those of us requiring wheels. Sticking a couple of grab rails in a place does not make it accessible. We also have to spend an age researching everywhere we intend to visit. No impromptu decisions! I hope you’ll venture out again and give us another top blog.

Best wishes, Steve x.