Going on holiday

Hello everyone,

Next month we are going on Holiday to Centre parcs, in Longleat forest, We’ve been a for a few times before, usually to Nottingham. Last year was my first year at centerparcs as a wheelchair user. We thought could manage in a standard villa but we really struggled, it was so difficult to get the chair in the house, and made it hard to recharge the battery as there was very little room so this time we booked early and have got a adapted villa. It is Frazer’s first holiday as an assistance dog, he’s really looking forward to going.

Is anyone else going away? I’m looking forward to going but a bit get nervous when away from my home environment .

Michelle x

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Hello Michelle.

Longleat seems quite far but it’s a wonderful part of the world. When I say far I talk total gobbledygook-we do the 290 miles to Wallasey 3 times a year and have our own holidays miles away. We usually do North Wales, but also Ireland and The Orkneys quite recently. I’ll be really interested to hear about Centreparcs as a potential future destination with disabled facilities. This year we’re going to The Jurrasic coast-I’ve always wanted to go there. I can really test the Tramper there!

Best wishes, Steve x


Michelle that sounds fantastic!

My son and daughter-in-law have talked about us going to a Centre Parc so that’s good to know.

I’m going to Southend-on-Sea tomorrow!!! Just for the day. An outing with my sheltered housing. Can’t get the scooter on the coach so I’m going in wheelchair with Margaret who does my housework as pusher/carer.

Not in the same league as a holiday at Centre Parc… but should be fun and at least it’s a day out.

I’m sure Frazer will love it!

Pat xx

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Just to be clear… I’m not taking Frazer to Southend… lol… wish I was!!! Pxx

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Ha Ha, Pat

Frazer says “Woof ,grr I’d love to come” I caught him looking enviously at an old man in M and S the other day because he had a better wheelchair than me!

Michelle x


I’m sure you will have a lovely time Pat, it doesn’t really matter where you go when you have your good friends with you.

I hope its lovely and sunny Pat.

Michelle x


Hello Steve,

Wev’e always enjoyed center parcs, one of the reasons wev’e kept going was because of the children, Its expensive but with having some with autism i always felt they’d be safer, …theres no cars allowed and if ever we had any issues the staff are lovely, wev’e often managed to get a bit of funding from the childrens charities like Mencap or Joseph roundtree trust, last year a wheelchair charity helped part fund it, so its worth asking around.

Its good because of all the wonderful pathways and you can hire bikes, Lee says he wants to hire the one with a wheelchair on the front…I’m terrified!!! Lee loves cycling when he was younger and fitter he did a lot of cycling…i’m not sure that i feel like hurtling around center parcs at 30 miles an hour stuck to the front of his bike!

I bet it will be fun going to the Jurrasic coast with your Tramper…I must admit i wish we could be a bit more adventurous than centre parcs my idea of a holiday would be exploring and going to historical places…Lee always promised that he’d take me to La Rochelle in France. that place inspired our naming of Rochelle our daughter. Lee went to La Rochelle with his cousin cycling years ago before we were married. We always wanted to travel one day…but i suppose it doesn’t matter where we go there are so many beautiful places in this country, so maybe we’ll concentrate on them when the children have grown up, must admit it all alters when you have autism in the family, there are only so man places you can cope with going to.

Michelle x


Centre Parcs are fantastic if you have the disabled chalets they are so ell equipped wet room and up and down beds plus the whole place is on the level. I have only ever been to the Norfolk one, a neighbour told me the Woburn one is hilly. We are going again in October we go with the kids and grand children. I love sitting in the bird hide and seeing the birds etc. Frazer will love it and his trip to Southend

Pat have a nice time in Southend I love it there we can just see Southend from Margate so if I see you being pushed by Margaret and Frazer wagging his tail I will give you a wave


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Hi Michelle,

That sounds wonderful ! I can understand that you’re nervous but Lee sounds like a super star so I’m sure between him and Frazer you’ll be fine!

It must be great to go somewhere that you know the children will be safe too.

Its nice to travel to far off places but sometimes after all the struggle I think there are so many beautiful places here in the UK that are easier.

I’ve been to La Rochelle and it’s beautiful but if I had the choice I’d choose the New Forest!

Hope you come back with some lovely stories to tell us!

take care Michelle, cuddles for your lovely Frazer,

Nina x

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Michelle that sounds great (except the bike thing which I agree sounds scary).

Steve the Jurassic coast sounds lovely too.

I’m going to Cambridgeshire for a week in my cousins caravan for the second week in July and looking forward to that. It’ll be a nice change, haven’t been away in years.

Cath x