Holiday questions.


This year we’re going somewhere totally new. I’ve always wanted to go to the Jurassic coast so we’re hitching the Tramper on the trailer and going off to Charmouth. Anyone know it? What about Bridport or Lyme Regis? I’d like to do some of the coastal path but I don’t know if there are any gates or stiles.

One step beyond. Is it madness?

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve, I’ve been to Lyme Regis and it’s absolutely beautiful. Wonderful architecture and of course the beach which is so well known for fossils.

If you haven’t read it, ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ is set there & is a great book. Could be your holiday reading maybe.

I don’t remember enough about it to know if there’s gates or stiles… it was years before I was disabled… but that website… what’s it called, Access England or something. Worth trying them.

NO it’s not madness. You’ll find a way!!!

Pat xx

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Hello Steve,

That sounds fantastic,… Lee got hold of an excellent book on wheelchair walks, I think it was for Devon, Iv’e not read it yet but i’m hoping to go on some of them , we are heading up to Devon for a few days before we go to Center parcs. My sister has recently moved there and we are hoping to spend some time with her. I don’t know about you but my heads still full of adventures, i’m just not sure that my body can keep up. One thing we did recently was to follow the local canal path we did about 3 miles, Frazer loved it. We hadn’t planned to do it but had a free afternoon with no children and had gone to a garden center with tea rooms and just on the spur of the moment decided to do the canal walk, it was lovely and i felt so happy afterwards I felt a real sense of achievement… You know Steve when i first ended up in the chair i felt a real sense of loss and grief for what i might no longer do. but more and more i’m being proved wrong, we might have to do things differently and at a slower pace but we can still do it.

I’m sure you and your wife and little Rose will have a wonderful time.

Michelle x

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Can’t help with you’re questions Steve but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go but never quite got around to it!

Hope you have a fantastic time if you do go!

Nina x

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Have walked some of the coast path on Purbeck years ago, and there are some pretty steep bits. Seem to remember stiles as well. But I’m sure there will be bits you can do.

Was in West Bay last year- the fish and chips are brilliant!

Charmouth beach may be a challenge for the Tramper, the cliffs are very friable, which is of course why the fossil hunters love it, but there are chunks of soft rock and mud slides all over the place, constantly being refreshed.

Have a great time! And read Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household if you like unreconstructed Buchanesque thrillers!


Phone the local tourist board people they often do a sheet with disabled stuff.