Walking by the seaside

I live by the sea at Margate and today after a rough spell I went on my electric scooter for a walk along the prom. I got scared of going on it and have not used it for some time but today I took an extra large brave pill and rode it as lately my wife has been pushing me in the wheelchair. Nothing happened I am fine and I even stopped and talked to a woman with a zimmer and told her how great mobility scooters are for us with limited capabilities. See it just needs a little push sometimes, I could have sat in the car park and waited for the wife but I went with her and enjoyed it. Margate is lovely and I will post some pictures on my blog if you want to see them google Promote Thanet and you will find me. I have a theory that you can always count ten ships on the horizon as I walk along the prom and today was no different I counted 12. Now its time for tea and cake. YIPPEE

Sounds fab!! Am going to be doing the same in the next few days as my parents only live about 5 miles from Tynemouth so will be going along the prom which goes on for a few miles I’ll look out for those ships Oonagh Xxx

Sounds like you had a good time (I had a crappy day at work… can you tell I’m jealous!?)

Sonia x

Great to here you are getting out on your scooter.Whoever invented them should get an award.I can go to the shops with anyone pushing me,we also take mine in the car to our local seafronts and further afield.Gives so much independence.All the best.

Lovely…good for you. Life without mobility can still be good…very good indeed! You`re lucky to live by the sea. I am as inland as poss…60 miles form Blackpool and similar to Scarborough.


Hi again.

Just googled you and see you look a happy smiley chappie!

Lovely photos of Margate too!


Thanks folks, I have just been out again this timme in the wheelchair with my wife pushing and trying to keep up with the grandsons on their scooter. I had the camera and am now goinng to see what the pictures look like. Poll I try and keep smiling but as we all know it is hard at times. This walk was at Botany Bay in Broadstairs there is a great beach kiosk with fantastic bacon sarnies

Sounds really lovely in Margate hop pity. Well done for being so brave on your scooter! Teresa xx

Sorry Teresa I thought I had repied but on looking it never come out THANK YOU Not been on it since but I will try and get out again soon XXX Don

Make the most of the fine weather Don - I don’t suppose it’ll be here that much longer! Teresa xx

Too true Teresa it has rained here all day and I have been confined to barracks so no ships in view for me today, but there is always tomorrow.

Hi all

Oh I so like the sound of this post, walking by the seaside, and although I use a wheelchair, I am hoping to be by the seaside next week.

Not worried about seeing the sun, just want to be able to see the sea, here’s hoping it all plans out right.

Take care everyone


Hope that does work out for you Pam. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa, hope you are ok.

Pam x

Have a really lovely time Pam, Nina x

Have a lovely time Pam. They say an Indian summer is on its way… let’s hope you catch it.

Pat x

Hiya, on the beach, so what, but for folk like us, it’s a big deal, something probably not done in a long time will be seen as a so what, I can do it whenever, but for us, like a lot of things, doing it just the once makes us feel like a normal person, whilst on holiday a few years ago my wife pushed me in the wheelchair down a wooden pathway, the sand was soft, she removed my socks and shoes and for those few minutes sat with my feet in the sand enjoying what comes naturally to most, something that, apart from a great effort on others, I’ll never experience again, do it as often as you can, enjoy it, Brian

Thanks Nina and Pat, so looking forward to seeing the sea, being a big kid at heart, but just want a change of scenery after a c…p few weeks

Hope you are all ok

Pam x