Seaside, wheelchair, scooter & stuff

Hi gang, went to Walton-on-the-Naze with my sheltered scheme yesterday.

I had worked out a little plan that worked well. There’s a scooter hire shop in Walton so I booked a small 4-wheeler.

Last year I took my scooter and it was damaged by coach driver piling wheelchairs on top of it in boot… so this year I took wheelchair and our manager then wheeled me to scooter shop. I left wheelchair in shop and spent day on scooter! Good plan eh?

Had lovely time. Fish and chips, a ride down the surprising long pier (Walton is very small town) and of course and icecream!

Unfortunately driver got lost on way back… he had put wrong postcode in sat-nav… and what should have taken about an hour and half took 3 hours.

I seem very jinxed on travelling recently!!! (was involved in car breakdown only 2 weeks ago).

Anyway a good day was had by all… and it’s worth keeping that wheelchair / rent scooter plan in mind!

Love to all and hope you’re all ok. VERY grey and warm in London!!! (was lovely at seaside though… not too hot and nice breeze).

Pat xx

Also… the cushion that came with my wheelchair is huge… much too big and about 6 inches deep and feels like I’m sitting very high in the chair.

I bought a very nice new cushion at scooter shop. Not nearly as high and a hole where your coccyx goes so no pressure on it. Nice tartan cover & carrying handle. Anyway I’m going to use it on scooter too as often get sore bum if I’m sitting in it for long time.

Just started raining in London…

Pat xx

Hi Pat, sounds like you had a lovely time in sunny Walton. I haven’t been there for several years now although I only live about 16 miles down the road in Colchester. I have promised my grandson when the weather is warm we will take him to the seaside so perhaps we will give it a look. We also live about the same distance from Clacton but Walton is nicer and the beaches are better. Anne x.

Just started raining in Colchester too and distant rumbles of thunder. Anne x.

[quote=“Nanny McPhee”]

Just started raining in Colchester too and distant rumbles of thunder. Anne x.

[/quote] been tipping it down here in Margate but now its dried up and the suns trying to come out

Glad you enjoyed your outing Pat.

I bought myself one of those coccyx cut out cushions and wheelchair servces told me they can cause pressure sores…but you`re not sitting in your wheelie as long as me, are you?

They got me the best seating pad ever! It has a wooden base, thick memory foam middle and the top is shaped for my thighs at the front and it has 2 shaped depressions for my bottom…guess it was very costly, but free to me.

It is called J2 Deep Contour…ab fab!

luv Pollx