Walk at Whitstable

I am recovering today from a day out yesterday to Whitstable. I am lucky enough to live in Margate near to the sea and yesterday we went to Whitstable and wondered around the harbour and had a wonderful time. READ ABOUT IT http://promotethanet.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/whitstable-wheelchair-walking.html

And see some pictures of our day out.

Oh Hoppity this sounds great, I would love to live near the sea, but you are right to rest today after a busy but enjiyable day.

Pam x

Fab blog!!!

I shared it on Twitter and am now following you!!!

Pat x

Thanks Pat did you find me on twitter??

Don Wood## ~~@~~Promote_Thanet

yep you did I should have checked before I asked

Was easy Don… found you through your blog!

Pat x

Pat I am so what of a tecccie phobic even though I spend so much time online I am as daft as a duck. Thanks for the follow on twitter.X Don

Don I’m useless too, I haven’t even mastered Twitter, just about manage Facebook.

Min Twitter is fun, I make a mess of all computer related stuff

You are welcome Don!

I like Twitter. I tend to use Facebook for daft stuff & keeping in touch… family and friends and stuff… and Twitter for articles and political stuff.

I did used to be a good techy person pre MS… but like so much, my skills have flown into the MS fog!!!

Ah well… now if I manage to do all the dishes without breaking anything I feel like a hero…

Pat x

Pat I am banned from the kitchen evidently I break to much I know the sell plates etc at tesco but going and getting the replacements is just to difficult.