A little trip for me...

Hi all, hope everyone doing ok?

I’m going on a little trip tomorrow. My friend has her 65th birthday on Monday. We both grew up in Bedford and like to go back sometimes… so we have booked into lovely old hotel overlooking river for a night. It’s a hotel that we thought of a extremely posh when we were kids, so gives us a kick to stay there now. In fact my grandmother was a cleaner there in 1920’s.

Taking my walker which turns into emergency wheelchair, so hoping to have a little walk along riverbank… OH and of course they do wonderful food.

Having a restful day today and hope to have a bit of energy tomorrow… but really I only have to sit in passenger seat of car saying stuff like ‘oh look…horses!’ Lol… I think even I can manage that…

Have a good weekend folks,

Love Pat x

Wishing you a great trip down memory laneM

Hope you have a lovely time Pat. Enjoy the walk and the food! Teresa xx

sounds great pat have a good one


Thanks darlings,

Pat x

Hi, was it good then? Sounds lovely!

luv Pollx

Hi i hope you had a wonderful day and you had a chance to chill out.

Let us know how you got on, hope your ms had arest forthe day.

Lv Mark xx

Hi Pat

I hope you had a lovely time, sounds wonderful a hotel by the


Pam x

Hi all, had a great time!

Hotel was fab… lovely room with river view, lots of swans, fab food. Even managed a couple of little walks. SO much easier with walker than walking stick. I really must start using it more.

Tired today but was worth it.

Love to all and hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

Hi Pat

It sounds fabulous, just being by the river is great for me, so relaxing.

Take it easy for a few days, give yourself time to recoup, and yes, use

your walker (OMG I sound like a headmistress now)!!!

Pam x