Hello my darlings!!!!

I’m back!!!

Ooooh where to start… I had SUCH A LOVELY TIME!

When I first arrived at the hotel my heart sank a bit as my immediate thought was ‘care home’… but first impressions aren’t always right and after a couple of days I started to really like it.

Nice room that opened directly onto a patio (where I could smoke… even a huge glass ashtray awaiting me!)… and beautiful gardens. Amazing view that took in the River Wye. Nice quiet separate bits of garden where I could hide away with my kindle and read to my heart’s delight.

The food was really excellent. All home-cooked and really cooked well and great choices of meat or fish or veggie.

Mealtimes were a bit regimented… for instance dinner was at 5.30… no not ‘starting at 5.30’ but they rang a gong and you went in at 5.30. But we found it quite funny… a bit like boarding school… and spent much of the time in fits of giggles (there was much giggling from start to finish).

Most of the other guests were either very old or very disabled… and they were such lovely people… and the atmosphere was friendly and laid back. The staff really bent over backwards to make sure we all had what we needed. It was very moving to see a man who was extremely disabled and couldn’t communicate having such a great time. He had two carers with him and I tell you those girls deserve bankers bonuses. God they were just wonderful.

I have to say that the real highlight of the holiday was meeting our very own Nina (Ninagrace). We clicked immediatly. It’s nice to see that she put that I’m lovely in ‘real life’ as I felt exactly the same about her. It wasn’t like meeting a stranger at all but was really like meeting an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. Was so nice chatting about everything… and of course MS all of the gang.

Nina said something really special which I want to share with you all. I met her on the Monday & was still feeling my way & not feeling settled in the hotel yet (you know how sensitive us MS gals can be), and Nina said all I had to do was phone her, night or day, and her husband would come and pick me up and take me back to their place.

I thought that was so very kind and made me feel very safe. As it happens I soon did settle into enjoying the hotel very much… but what a wonderful offer that was. Thank you Nina.

Well that’s my lot of tonight. I have missed you all and glad to be back with the gang!!!

It’s just as shame that we can’t all get together and meet up for a holday… hey wait a minute… do I feel a project coming on…

Goodnight my lovelies and more soon,

Pat xxx

Welcome back Pat, it’s so good to hear you had a fab time :slight_smile: Sonia x

Glad you had such a good time, you deserve it.

Cath xx

We did have such a good natter, didn’t we? Think we must have been friends in a former life! Come back soon, xxx

Welcome back Pat.

So pleased you enjoyed yourself and you’ll be helping to put the MS world in order shortly.

All’s well with the world, Pat is backM

About blooming time that you got back we have missed you

I am really pleased you settled in and had a nice time and that you got to meet a real live Nina. Have a good time and get fully recoveered XXX Don

Yep, like everyone else, I`m glad you had a great time, met up with Nina and got on so well.

A holiday with us lot? We`d close the place down with our naughtyiness and laughter.

But it would be a hoot!


Thanks gang!

So true Poll… it would be madness… but also great fun. I’m turning the idea over in my mind. The hotel I stayed at have had dwindling numbers and the manager told us if we ever want to do a large group they would offer a good deal. Hmmm…

Hope everyone is having a nice bank holiday. I have my sister staying with me. She lives on the Carnival route in Notting Hill and for residents it is hell.

Having a lovely time even though we are wearing outselves out with constant chatting and giggles.

Love to all,

Pat xxx

Hi Pat, So glad you had such a good holiday - the place you stayed in sounds great, especially the food! If they get the food right that’s more than half the battle. It sounds like you had a laugh over the school rules! Hope you didn’t get a detention, although it wouldn’t surprise me…lol How lovely that you and Nina got on so well and so kind of her to offer you shelter if needed. A bit hot here today - my legs don’t like it! Hope it cools soon. Glad you’re having fun with your sister - they are worth their weight in gold, aren’t they? Teresa xx

Hi pat

Glad you enjoyed it, good to have you back

Pam xx