Fantastic holiday, thanks to the MS Society

Hi, hope you are all well!

I have recently returned from a holiday with my daughter, who is my carer and my 4yr old Granddaughter.

I had an amazing time and it was a fantastic break-well needed.

I enjoyed being able to just watch my granddaughter having fun and enjoying herself. I constantly had a smile on my face, which i was not able to do here back home.

Being able to swim with her in the water, with the aid of my daughter was fantastic. Hearing her laugh so much, was a joy!

Feeling the sun everyday and just meeting new people was such a pleasure and felt so good–made me feel human again.

I was also able to sleep right through the night on the last week and i know that is down to the sun and being stress free.

This was such a memorable holiday and i know that it will stay with me for the rest of my life and just thinking about it, puts a smile on my face.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the MS Society for making this happen. There was no way that i could afford this on my own.



So nice to hear x

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what a lovely pleased you had such a good time with your family the memory will stay with you forever. Such precious times.

J x


Thanks guys for you comments. X

What a lovely post to read, and you have wonderful memories to cherish, so pleased for you.

Pam x

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There’s my big smile of the day.



Thats Fantastic Eggly, Im so pleased for you, what a lovely memory for you and your granddaughter. Ive just come back from a holiday with my twin granddaughters they are 9 months old and it was their first time at the swimming baths, it was so lovely seeing their faces.

Michelle and Frazer xx



There is no better feeling than spending precious times with your loved ones. I am so happy for you.

Eggly x


Wow what a lovely holiday for you.

I so want to go away, havent been anywhere for several years. I just want to go with my little poochy and have a break from my hubby. I can afford one, but i cant find one which would help me with disability. I have looked, i want to go to minehead if i can or similar i so want to be near the sea just to chill out.

I am so pleased though you had a wonderful time you will have this memory to cherish for a long time to come. xx

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