My Day and the wheelchair service

I think I may have mentioned I was having my wheelchair serviced today here is the update on such a simple thing. How can something so simple be so wrong.

I am home alone again now after he finaly got here at 4:30. Heather got a phone call from a friend and has had to go and sort her daughter out because she has dropped the tool box on her foot and the friend is on the way home from work. I might eat tonight but it will be late I can see it now soup through a straw in A&E when I ask was your day alright dear

Hi Don

I do enjoy readiing your blog, glad you put a link, cos I would not know how to find it.

Where would you be without your wife to organise your life for you, more proof that women are the most intelligent species. Lol

Take care and enjoy your soup.

Pam x

Hi Don, Thanks for another link…I do enjoy them and you wife sounds like a star! Nina x

Pam I am so lucky I had Chinese no soup!

Nina my wife is a star her and my kids plus grandchildren are my life

Likewise Don, My husband, my son and my grandchildren.

Likewise for me too

Pam x

Great blog Don! Pat xx

Thanks folks I do my Disabled Don Blog and also Promote Thanet Blog. They keep me sane or rather sanish if there is such a word. I have just said good bye to Heather Aunt and Uncle they wanted us to both go with them to have a meal at the Hotel they are staying at but I was bushed so we stayed home. I blogged about the hotel on my Promote Thanet Blog. Its what I do.

Have a good day folks its warm here but not very sunny.thats me being a happy little flower, Don

Hey Don! You’re an Man of Kent! I’m a Kentish Man (from near Dartford) but I love East Kent lots. We moved away 32 years ago now, but still miss it, especially the sea. I met my wife at (what was then) UKC, we lived in Herne Bay, Canterbury and Faversham, and I did my teaching practices in Broadstairs and Ramsgate. I played football for the Royal Dragoon pub in Canterbury. Your blog brought it all back- plus of course it is a good read which I hope can raise awareness of the issues of living with disability. I’ll be bookmarking it! Cheers Kev

Thanks Kev I love the sea and go to see it most days, I have the theory you can always see ten ships off Margate so am often seen scouring the horizon for the last elusive one. Where snouts were you in Faversham? I originate from Faversham my wife’s a Margate girl and we have been in Thanet for 30 years or more now. Glad you like the blogs. Time for ZZZ’S

We lived in a tiny terraced house in Cyprus Road, opposite the park and very near the Market Inn. There was tin chapel on the corner. It was the first house we bought, and we had three great years in it. We could walk along our road to the Creek and look at the sprits’l barges. Crikey I miss the sea! We are as far as you can get from it here. We were planning to retire seawards. Not sure we can do it now. Kev

My mate had a tent hire business in that Chapel we had our first house in Whitstable road near the bakery small world


My mate had a tent hire business in that Chapel we had our first house in Whitstable road near the bakery small world

[/quote] He-heh!! Seem to remember second hand furniture being sold ther in our time (1979-82)

I can never work out this Man of Kent and Kentish Man thing, can someone explain… nice to know your ok hoppity.



Got the OT coming tomorrow to try an electric wheelchair for me

Hi Mac

Hope it goes ok, you will be surprised how much freedom and independence an electric chair will give you, quite liberating.

Hope you are doing ok.

Pam x

Mac it’s dependent on where you were born north or south of the river Medway I have no idea which is which. I was born in the South 58 years ago and have checked it out numerous times but can’t remember.

It is to do with the Medway, but that runs northwards from Maidstone to the Thames. So it’s Men of Kent to the East, and Kentish Men to the West. Kentish Kev