Driving home along the A30 tonight I stopped at a red traffic light immediately opposite the Wheatsheaf in Virginia Water. I was reminded of the lovely evenings we used to enjoy there, those of us who formed The Wheatsheaf Crew, and friends. It was a lovely pub evening with no stress, once a month and just wonderful after the hard days I used to work (and still do). An ms meet with a difference - nobody talked much about the difficulties and obstacles of living with ms. It was just a social evening. Food was good, so was the wine.

Tentatively, I wondered if we should give it a go in 2012? I know it was a distance for some and quite easy for me, living not far away. In reality it could be any pub, anywhere.

What happened to all those friendly faces from a few years ago?


I’ve heard about the Wheatsheaf get togethers and would love to have a go if a new face would be welcome?

I wonder how many of the crowd who used to go there are still using the site?

Karen x

It wasn’t long ago, and a new face was always welcome.

That’s two of us - c’mon the rest, and we have a new crew!

i live too far away but i remember virginia water.

my friend was working there for the council and she was living in a house that belonged to an army officer.

i took my one year old son to stay there. good memories

carole x

Aww, I remember when several of you always used to meet up at the Wheatsheaf. Think from what I can remember, was you, Val, George, Whammel (I think); obviously several others that I can’t bring to mind. I never went, lived too far, but it would be lovely to think you could all meet up again. If I remember correctly, there were other regular meet venues for some of the other members who used to live in other areas too.

Happy Days x

Dawn x