Wheatsheaf Sunday 24th March


I have posted this already but it’s gone far down the list into forgotten depths as no doubt this will too, but it’s just a reminder that anyone can join us for a drink, lunch, or both on Sunday March 24th at 13:00 ish at the Wheatsheaf, Virginia Water. It’s a pub lunch, good food. Come and go as you please.

If you just turn up look around in there for us as we may not be so obvious and we are not loud.


I wish I didn’t live so far away.


I would love to go but has to be on a No. 12 bus route for me, Brighton to Eastbourne. I hope you all have a nice time though.

I should be able to make it Mark. Got in the diary at least!

Karen x

If I win the Lottery,it’ll be me landing on the car park.Anybody want a lift?


All you textspeak experts, what does wtf mean? I keep getting messages with this on the end.

By the way, come along Sunday.

It means what the f**k!


I live not far from here but have never met any of you guys and have not long been dx (which i guess dosent matter but feel like a fraudster somehow?!) Woul it be strange to tag along? Laura

You have threatened to come up here before, but we have always been able to fend you off…


Go for it Laura. It can be great fun to meet other MSer’s & also your meeting people who understand how you feel.

[quote=“Karina1980”] It means what the f**k! [/quote] I say! I was worried that it meant something rude, but obviously I was wrong. Mark

The more the merrier - come along!

I’ll send you a description by pm so you know who to look for :slight_smile:

Karen x

Wish it was’nt so far away

Have a lovely time.

Lisa x

Lol this cheered me up after a particularly long day! Thank you! I will be there on Sunday.

Laura x

Yes, Laura, come and meet us crazy folk. You’ll be more than welcome.

Look around for us inside. We don’t have a banner but you’ll see us.


The last post. I shall probably be ‘indisposed’ tomorrow night to respond if there are any queries.

My friend David (yes, that David!) is coming tomorrow V, you’ll understand!

Soooooooooooooo, see you Sunday.


Have a good time.

Would love to come if i lived closer.

We are deep in snow here in Derbyshire anyway! Perhaps wb can give me a lift! but i’ll need digging out as well!