Wheatsheaf on.

For those who fancy meeting for a drink, chat, food, we’ll make it Friday November 16th 7.30 but it’s casual, open, come when you like. Anyone who wants to come is welcome.

The Wheatsheaf has good disabled access and disabled friendly toilets.

It’s on the A30 at Virginia Water.

Ill post the exact address in a mo.


Here is the address:

London Road Virginia Water, Virginia Water, GU25 4QF


I’ll be there in spirit!

I’ve heard a lot about the legendary Wheatsheaf but it is a tadge far for me.

Have a memorable evening. I look forward to hearing all about it.

Great - pick a date when I’m out of the country…have a great night.


I’m in

Karen x

Doh, just posted on the other thread about Wheatsheaf before I noticed this one. Glad to see you are gonna meet up again.

Have a great time

Dawn x

Sounds to me like a really good night, sadly its not in my area, enjoy you guys…


It isn’t in my area either. I arranged to stay overnight just so I could go. It was well worth it.


I will try and be there


It ay th’ coontry? Ah expect yoo’re gonnae north sae ‘at ye can vote tae keep laboor it ay power in englain until th’ end ay time! Hae ye nae mercy?

Translation courtesy of whoohoo.co.uk - Scottish Translator!

Lolli xx

Greetings guys. With one week to go I’m bringing this up in case anyone else wants to come.