Wheatsheaf of Olde

Greetings friends

Some months after resurrecting the old Wheatsheaf meetup it looks as if this is likely to be here stay. Gradually more folk are coming along including some from years ago. It is a very pleasant lunchtime chat over a drink, and meal if you want it.

The next meet is likely to be Sunday 21st July (to be confirmed). 13:00 at The Wheatsheaf on the A30 at Virginia Water. Easy access loos and no stairs.

I think the food is ok with a good variety, some gluten free but you have to ask. We have been getting waitress service lately which I see as a bonus.

If you want to give it a try just pop along at your leisure. We don’t have banners or flags but you’ll spot us.

Everybody is welcome (if EVERYBODY comes there might not be enough seating!).