Wheatsheaf in February.


We’ll get together for the first time in 2013 on Sunday February 3rd at lunchtime, say 13.00.

Anyone can come along, it’s informal totally. A drink and a chat.

The Wheatsheaf is on London Rd at Virginia Water. London Road is the A30 and it’s the green/beige public house right at the traffic light junction in the middle of Virginia Water.



…and lunch

Drink, chat, lunch. See you there :slight_smile:


Me too :slight_smile:

I can’t believe that we’re the only people who live within travelling distance. Come on everyone!


Just checked out route planner and I reckon highly do-able from me in Hampshire, yes! Debs xx

It’ll be nice to meet you Debs :slight_smile:


Thanks K, and y’all! Have some of you met up before - or is this a first? Debs

Yep, we’ve met before :slight_smile: It used to be a bit of forum tradition a few years back and a load of people went but it kind of peetered out apparently (it was before my time). Mark reinstated it just in November so it’s early days this time round.


Debs, this is not the first. We met before Christmas too but years ago Wheatsheaf was regular. We revived it! It’s a good thing to have revived I think. Just a social, not specifically for ms discussion although we all seem to have ms, curiously!


Sounds great. Well, is there anyone I can scoop up along the way in my batmobile - anyone between Hampshire and Virginia Water?! The more the merrier say I. Debs

have a lovely time, let us all know how good it was please…I am from the sunny North, just down the road from Accrington Stanley (one of my student sons, is a steward there) football ground. So its to far for me.

Catherine xx

I cant come but is this the same virginia waters with the beautiful lake and statley home? Walked the dog round their just before being dx.

There is definitely a lovely lake there. I don’t know about Stately homes there but there are some very impressive homes all around that area, and the Queen’s gaff is not too far away, in Windsor.