Wheatsheaf in March.

How about a Wheatsheaf meet up in March?

Val tells me things are busy later in the month. Hows about Sunday 17th lunchtime? Say around 13:00 (ooh that reminds me of a joke but it can wait until we meet!).

Right, I’m off to start preparing chilli con cheval for my lunch.


Well, that’s been quiet but anyway in consultation with Val, we’re now looking at 24th, same time same place.


Where is weatsheaf please, I’ve never attended anything like this before, been in denial for 17yrs!!! Joining this, about 6-8 weeks ago, and talking to all these lovely people, has helped me beyond belief x

Well, you will be very welcome. It’s an old meet from a few years ago but some of us are rekindling it of late. It’s a casual meetup over a drink, lunch, chat. Very informal, come and go as you please.

The Wheatsheaf is on the A30 at Virginia Water, Surrey. You can’t really miss it as it’s large and just about the only pub for a long distance on that stretch.

Food is good, company lovely, drink what you choose. A glass of my favourite Rioja is to be had!

Come and join us!


24th looks good for me so I should be there :slight_smile:

Karen x