How about a Wheatsheaf?

I’ve been away for a while but I said I’ll be back (as they say),

(no brainers might assume violin teachers represent half the economy) but how about it?

Virginia Water in Surrey, a good drinkup, a decent nosh, I can hear now, what’s stopping you…


Not really V, maybe mid May?

You might have to put up with me this time; thats making sure no one will go now.


That’s ideal for me.

I will try to come, depends if my body behaves.

Hi Laura

I hope you can - you’d be very welcome. Mark

Hast thou book’ed a table yet and, if so, pray at what hour?

Master Ronnie is asking, presumably in order to book his transport.

Lolli xx

Not sure I can make it or not yet. Will do my best!

Karen x

See you Sunday m’dears.


Havent been to VW since i was a child :slight_smile: