what you watching to while away your days?

Well i have binged watched a few series now. One of my faves (before lockdown as i dont go out), was called Detective Anna, a production from Russia with sub titles about 56 episodes, on Amazon prime free. I never watch things with sub titles but i was bored so i decided to give it a go.

Its about a young russian girl who can see ghosts, and she starts to help the new detective who comes from Petersburg, its a bit of a love story too, and has espionage entwined into it.

I was totally in love with it and watched it all and missed it when it finished. sadly they had no plans to make a second series.

Now i am watching The Letter to the King on netflix its brilliant, but only six episodes so wont take long to watch it. But really good.

so what you watching and any recommendations. trouble is being house bound i have relied on netflix and amazon so have seen a lot of series so i am now running out lol.

so stuck the other day i watched a series from Columbia a teen series called ALWAYS A WITCH, and i really enjoyed it, so goes to show how bad my mind is lol. xxx

Watched the Virtues again on ch4, dark but v good, Stephen Graham is fantastic in it… The Maradona film on C4 is well worth a watch even if your not into footie…a flawed genius…will recommend to the wife as she watches Netflix…thanks.

On Amazon Prime - the marvellous Mrs Maisel

on Netflix - Grace and Frankie (just finished series 4 last night, 2 more to go)

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The BBC News Channel - Closely following the PM’s life or death struggle with mild Coronavirus.

Fingers crossed.


Hiya, the film’s nowadays are not as good as the subtitled films of my youth, plenty of action in them, LOL, Brian

Hiya, boris probably hasn’t got it, it is just a ploy to get out of interviews because he is clearly out of his depth, I hate to say it but our wee Krankie is outshining him, Brian


Some good old TV dramas When the boat comes in, The Citadel,The six wives of Henry the eighth, making use of youtube on the telly watched Riverdance at the Eurovision, a classic 8 minutes telly!

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Cushion making on youtube…cant beat it if you`re cushion freak like me!


Call the midwife. Love it!

All dramas on catch up, but it was my birthday yesterday and 1 of the gifts my hubby bought was the film Downton Abbey, so I look forward to that, x x

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An old favourite. “Brideshead Revisited”. I loved the T.V. series of the 80’s. I even bought the Evelyn Waugh book. xx

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The Citadel definitely worth a watch, particularly at the moment.

Truth is News, current affairs more news. I only get to watch proper telly when lugholes goes to bed, I get “I’m not watching that” no compromise but that’s nothing new, although i will give some suggestions tomorrow.

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Luckily we have a stack of DVDs - mostly classic detective series like A Touch Of Frost and the evergreen Inspector Morse, Waking the Dead - and if there’s nowt on the telly except Coronavirus warnings, we’ll bung one of those on. Sometimes it’s an advantage having no memory, cos I don’t remember who did it from episode to episode!


awful thing to say.



Yes i bought it and I showed it in our lounge at sheltered for the other downton abbey fans, i loved it and the fact they brought all the original actors back.

I bought JUDY too with renee zelwegger it made me cry (about judy garland).

LOL, i call it my ground hog day. I cant watch MASH or FRIENDS over and over and think i dont remember that lol. it does have advantages. x

OK so i must be the only person on the planet who has not watched GAME OF THRONES so in desperation i started it yesterday…eek its a bit well raunchy lol. how on earth did they get way with that?

Not sure i like it yet but only just started its a bit violent too. might stick to cartoons lol.

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I haven’t watched it either…ten mins when do flicking through once and didn’t enjoy it