what you watching to while away your days?

I`ve started watching The 100 all six seasons on Amazon prime.


Be assured that I want the PM to make a full and swift recovery, so he can face the inevitable inquiry into his incompetence.


just bought a new laptop and surprised there’s no ‘slot’ for discs in the side as there was with the old (ancient) laptop. (didn’t think to ask about this when I bought laptop.)

It seems I have to buy an attachment and then get things recorded on to a memory stick before I can see my discs - and Cu**ys is closed so can’t buy this attachment - will try Amazon.

It depends on what you like we’re all individual we all like different things for example, you might like to line these up.

on Netflix. Cathedral of the sea, not for the fainthearted or those of the sensitive disposition. A historical saga. Based on a bestselling novel.

also on Netflix, Marco Polo, also not for the fainthearted or those within in sensitive disposition. A historical action adventure.

on sky, The Borgias, as above.

less challenging for those of a more sensitive disposition. Sharpe, yet another historical action adventure. Or Hornblower likewise.

if you like you’re viewing quite earthy, Auf Wiedershen Pet but please don’t watch the butchered version shown on TV these days, if you’re interested I’m sure there are box sets.

and if you are of a very sensitive nature, The ghosts of Motley Hall is on YouTube a gentle 1970s made show.

if you loved Riverdance, you might also enjoy Dancing on Dangerous Ground, an Irish dance show starring Ex Riverdancers Jean Butler and Colin Dunne, and Spirit of the Dance, a cheesy copy of Lord of the Dance. ( i do like a bit of cheese) there are some others but I need to find em’


Hi :slight_smile:

1- Santa Claritta Diet. A fabulously 'Dark Humoured; comedy. Thin it on ‘NETFLIX’.

2- Wilfred. Silly comedy lol.

3- Grimm. Fantasy

4- 2 Broke Girls. Comedy.

5- The Leftovers. Fantasy,Mystery,Drama.

6- The Mick. Comedy.

Hope this helps u all a bit. Best of luck wiv everything


COLD FEET… from series 1 up to present day.Just love that series.

I went to see Feet of flames with my sis, immediately prior to dx I remember almost kicking somo one in the head in the bleechers! spasm,not on purpose.

If you like Grimm try Supernatural on Amazon Well over 200 episodes

good luck.

I didn’t see you there, I was in the middle on the left. Loved Dune, never heard of them since, I felt like a zombie for a few days but it was worth it.

Riverdance the full show with Jean Butler and Michael Flatley is on YouTube as is Lord of the Dance.

ah yes i bought a new one about six months ago and asked specifically for a DVD DRIVE i got a DELL its a lovely bit of kit. You can get external DVD drive for them they are not expensive.x

I remember a lot of the Eastenders cast being there, what a foul mouthed bunch they are! Along with the ‘don’t you know so I am’ attitude, never watched since then! I watch all sorts on youtube, but the Eurovision interval was just amazing I remember telling hubby (to be at that point) think he was in Ascension then, he was impressed but I don’t think it had the same impact as seeing it live, you could almost feel the atmosphere!

I have been spending far too much time staring at the screen - computer screen that is, as I’ve just bought my daughters MacBook Air and I’m trying to get to grips with it.
It’s hard work and I have cheated a bit by partitioning the drive into two with Windows that I can fall back to when my brain hurts too much!

However it’s all a good distraction for what’s going on outside my four walls.

Regards, Stephen

Silent Witness on iplayer.

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ADMIN,@Oliver why must we allow party political posts to stay up? this was meant to be a light hearted thread but as usual we get the same users who like to turn it into something else.

sick of it.

@whammel why dont you go and join digital spy as they are full of BJ haters on there.

Point being i would rather be in the UK right now then italy, spain, and USA, aussie etc.


To Dolly daydream,

Yes, great idea, let’s revive this to help everyone.

Gavin and Stacey is being shown again 8.15 BBC1 Saturdays. First one was last week.

Jen x

Jen you’ve revived the discussion so let’s keep it going.

i found a really old tv drama series called “Wings” on YouTube it was from the 70s about the Royal Flying Corp.

I also found Jeff Wayne’s War of The World’s stage show on YouTube.

the BBC Iplayer has a colossal amount of stuff including Line of Duty from series 1, Our Girl likewise, Last Tango in Halifax, and series 1 and 2 of The Split, some of these I missed.

And I’ve just finished “Picard” on Amazon surprisingly not family friendly coz of adult language.

totally agree Crazy Chick - is the MSS happy with political messages on this site? - have pm’d admin about it.

Jesus Christ Superstar streaming on youtube until Monday with Tim Minchin,Mel C and Chris Moyles, very contemporary version.

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If you like detective shows, Elementary is really good and it’s on amazon prime and got 7 seasons out


Friday April 17: ‘The Phantom of the Opera’