Films/tv programmes on youtube.

Hello happyflower

I am just beginning to come out of a brain stem relapse,during which I haven't slept well at all and haven't been able to read. In an effort to keep sane I have discovered there are 1000s of films and tv mini series on youtube.

All the Poirot's,Miss Marple,all the Jane Austin adaptations,Jane Eyre,American mini series such as Sally Hemmings and other costume dramas,Little Women,A Town Like Alice.......the list goes on!

There is so much to choose from,it's helped keep my mind off things night after night and the sound doesn't disturb the husband.

So I just thought I'd share as they say to help keep any board night owls occupied,and there's nowt ont telly is there?

take carexxjo



I've never thought about this. What a good idea, thanks for mentioning it.






Yes, while there is a lot on there, a lot of it is infringing copyright. There is quite a bit of free stuff in the television section of Blinkbox if you want a more legitimate stream. 



4 on demand archive has amazing amount of stuff. Some old stuff that I haven't seen for year. Saw the whole series of 'The Camomile Lawn' on there (great series from the 80's I think).

Thanks for the youtube tip. 

Pat x