What should I expect from neuropsychologist?

I have had an appointment come through to see a clinical neuropsychologist. Anybody know what this might entail? I asked for counselling about a year ago, is this it? Seems like it might be something different altogether? Seeing my neuro next week, so will ask him then, just wondered if anyone here had had any experiences?


I saw a neuropsychologist about 5 years ago.

All it was was a one off appt sent me without me asking and when I went I saw a young lady who asked me if she could ask me about 10 questions on how being d/x with MS made me feel. Things like was I more depressed since being d/x and how did I feel about the future.

It was more of a little chat and I think they were making sure I didn’t need any follow up which they didn’t offer.

I wonder if this is the same sort of thing.

Shazzie x

Thanks Shazzie, that’s helpful. Like you I haven’t requested this appointment, hence my confusion! Guess I’ll find out next week what it’s all about. X

Hi Leora, I asked for cognitive testing by neuropsychologist as wanted to see whether MS had mashed my brain. I posted after it titled “so upset about cognitive testing” 12th May 2012 - it was just so hard a series of difficult tests. But maybe this isn’t what you’re going for maybe it is just a chat. But if its like what I went through I think it will be better for you to be fore warned. It all worked out alright in the end as it was discovered I was a genius and should join Mensa!!! Ha ha ha Hope all goes well let us know how you get on Min xx

Thanks Min, have bad a quick read through your old post… Sounds quite involved! No way on earth I could have worked out the machine question, not without a calculator! At least I will be prepared now whichever way it goes! X