Neurologist with cognition and MS

Hi everyone. I am new here so please forgive me if I get anything wrong. I am looking for a Neurologist who specialises in MS but also has an interest in cognitive changes that are outside of the ordinary. I am based in Rickmansworth but honestly don’t care where I would have to go to find the right Dr. I have been searching but my brain goes into overdrive if I try to research for too long. The only name I have come across so far is Prof Jeremy Chataway. I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance. Sue

Hopefully you have had the opportunity to find a neurologist for your needs. Cognitive decrease is new to me, have to admit I’m not a fan!!
Hope things are moving in a great direction for you. Definitely makes day to day life more challenging when your trying to keep your mind in check. Sending good thoughts your way.

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Thank you Coco. I have been diagnosed with dementia associated with my MS. My Neurologist has no interest in my dementia diagnosis and I really need someone who will look after me based on that and MS. Fingers crossed. Best wishes to you xx

That’s sad @JustSue

MS takes away too much from us. Cognitive changes are miserable. You need to retain as much of yourself as you can.

I have enough cognitive slowing down to empathise. My memory is utterly unreliable these days. There are differences in the way my brain works without doubt. I lean so much on my husband. I am very fortunate to have him.

I’m sorry I can’t help with a neurologist to help you. I do hope someone can find a good neuro near to you.