Hi all, just wondered about neurologists as I’m not very well up on them. What do you get from going to see them regularly? What can you or should someone expect at annual reviews? My mum hasn’t been seen by anyone since 2011 she missed an appointment and dropped out the system. Her attitude was / is What’s the point they can’t really do anything for me… Since a rather big setback she has been referred again and to the ms nurse as not seen one of them either. I’m forever the optimist and hopeful although mum isn’t. Obviously much harder for mum to be as she has ms and I don’t. plus as a carer previously she cared to people with ms and now the tables have turned.

I see my neuro annually and know nothing can be done to make me walk again, but I feel it is important to keep the appointments.

They can refer us to other specialists/departments if there is anything different going on.


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Thanks Polls. I told thought best to keep in the loop


Sorry realise this is an old post but just wondering if anyone with PPMS still sees a neurologist? My Dad has PPMS and only saw a neurologist to be diagnosed- was then told he wouldn’t get to see one again as there’s nothing they can do. While I sort of understand this logic to a certain extent, there is surely something to be gained from monitoring the progress of the disease, working out what is causing what etc. The local GP don’t seem to know anything about the disease and the MS nurse seems to have little experienc with PPMS.

My husband has SP and regularly sees a neuro and the MS nurse. I think it is important to keep in touch as things do change and it is as well to be updated with new treatments and advice. MS does need managing and there are other changes that are age related so I would go back and get an appointment so that your dad gets back in the system.

We are in the same boat, my husband has MS. We don’t really know where to turn when we have an issue, the neurologist is so far away and it is so stressful to get there. I am trying to encourage him to build a better relationship with the local MS nurse but he seems reluctant to do so. I would try and stay within the system if you can but I would be interested in views as to where to go for the best help and support.