MS Nurse and Neurologist

I was diagnosed in 2006 and all was going okay, but my MS Nurse left or was moved to do something else and December was the last time I spoke to anyone, also I have only seen the latest Neurologist once since she started to work in Eastbourne
There is no news on whether we are getting a new MS nurse or not.
Is this really what the NHS has come to now


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I fear things might get worse before they get better.

In terms of your immediate problem, have you been able to contact the Dept/Neurology Unit to see if there is any update?

The reason is political I am afraid and about what you would expect after ten years of austerity. I appreciate it must be desperately frustrating though, and hopefully, you will get the support you need soon.
Talking of support, will you be spurspete for the day on Tuesday?

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Hi Pete,

Unfortunately yes. I feel abandoned by the NHS I’ve never had an MS nurse and York NHS Hospital Trust stopped reviewing MS patients in 2010 because of their financial situation. I haven’t seen anyone since! I have a good GP, but he’s said he knows little about MS. Abandonment is not easy.

It’s not easy to accept being abandoned and trying to cope with issues arising because of MS, but that’s the reality of the NHS system. The Government has done nothing to stop the decline as they really want a private system like that in the USA.


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I blame these governing plutocrats, who can afford their own private healthcare, leaving the NHS to fall into disrepair tbh.

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I even watched the game, they are very boring

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Thanks Mary, I hope you get some support soon

I totally agree