Abandoned by the system

I have had MS for many years and haven’t had the support I need. My MS nurse has known me for 20 years, and yet she has now idea how I am effected by this disease. She doesn’t listen to a word I say. There is no support and it’s tuff being on your owe. Where do you go with this if your not listening to?

If I were you, I would talk to my GP. Is there a way for you to be seen in a different hospital or by a different MS nurse? Sending you positive energy.

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I share your feelings, I don’t have an ms nurse and my neurologist is abrupt and disinterested.
Ask your GP if there is an ms specialist either in your own health authority area or a neighbouring one and ask for a referral to him/her.
I did this several years ago, he talked to me, listened to me and answered my questions but then I went back to neurologist number 1 because of the travelling.

Hi Roses. As Maria says, start off by talking with your GP. Apologies for asking but are there particular issues that you are worried about and which the MS Nurse seems disinterested in?