recommendations for london neurologist pls

Hiya. I’m currently going through process of getting a second opinion from a neurologist,preferably in queens square hospital London.does anyone have one they edu recommend pls?


I can give you one if you don’t mind slapping to Charing Cross

Which is at Hammersmith

Yes please any London hospitals plz xx

Ok I PM you

I can recommend one at Queens Square ~ pm me if you want details

Jody x


I hope you get sorted with a new neurologist. I too am looking for a new neurologist, one that preferrably specialises in MS or has a real interest in it. I have basically been waved away by the one I have with questions unanswered and feel totally in the dark he just isn’t interested and the way I was told is shocking by any professional standards. My MS Nurse hasn’t returned my emails (one from 11th March and one from 24th March) and I just need answers and help. Being newly diagnosed I don’t know if a lot of what is happening to me is normal and I just want someone who knows to tell me.

Val x

A lot of neurologists are just terrible. They seem to know nothing and care less about people with MS. Having said this, there are several hospitals in the country that have neurologists who are world leaders in their field. PM me if you want me to tell you the good places I know of - your GP may pay for you to get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the neurologist you have seen.

Sorry to tag onto an old post, but really not happy with current care of nurse or consultant. SewingChick, I’d appreciate any advice you can give!

I’m at St Mary’s, Paddington with Dr Richard Nicholas and MS nurse is Precilia Walters.

im very happy with both of them