National Hospital London

Hi all, was just wondering if anyone has been referred here? After 8 years and 2 specialist consultants they have finally referred me over to the big leagues. If you are there already what’s your experiences been like?

Hey ! I go to there ! The one at queen’s square right ? I think those names are used interchangeably to describe it. Honestly, I’ve had really good care. They actually sometimes probably call me too much haha. Jokes aside, really good. Pre pandemic and now during the pandemic as well. They’ve consistently followed my case. They book appointments for me with the specialist I think once a year ( with the Neuro ). Then I get various appointments with the MS nurse for medication etc. I’ve also switched a lot and been on it and off it and they’re super patient with that too. They also book MRI scans for me every year. I was diagnosed maybe 4 years ago now. Very ’ mild ’ case for now, or I suppose you could say early stages. I didn’t think they’d follow that intently, seeing as I don’t have extreme symptoms ( yet and hopefully never ), but they’re very good. Just be careful parking around queen’s square if you get a space. I always manage to get a ticket there for being like 2 minutes late…

Thanks Emily, this is very reassuring to here. I am excited to receive my first referral letter !! I live in Essex and I’m only 50 mins on a train to London so it’s unlikely I’ll drive unless work send me there the day of an appointment. Always be careful of parking in London,. I’m sure they stalk me as soon as I enter the m25. Looking forward to seeing what meds or treatments they can offer as so far nothing has worked I’ve been given and it’s for the pain more than anything. Thanks again!

Hi been having lots tests first neurologist states it’s m/s I had another appointment Friday and another neurologist wants a lumbar punch done in London hospital I had fibromylaia m/ e for 19 years and now have symtons of numb hands no feeling always falling flu like constant no energy pain etc neuroigist thinks I may always had ms but got misdiagnosed I had several mri show lesions constant spine brain any advise would be grateful thanks also pain

Hi, I see you live in the hospital’s easy travelling distance.

I am in Yorkshire and after seeing neuros locally for 16 years, and not getting a diagnosis, I got a referral to a neuro specialist centre in Liverpool and got my diagnosis of rare spinal PPMS.

Good luck.