Anyone go to NHNN

Does anyone go to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London?

Are you happy with it?

Anything you don’t like?

Please reply anonymously.

Why reply anonymously? We’re all anonymous on here anyway.

I have been seeing a neuro at the NHNN for about 7 years. I think he’s been pretty good but I am in a much worse state than I was when I first started seeing him.

I’d say I like that my neuro seems bright and well informed about what is going on in the world of MS. I don’t like that the drugs (Tysabri and Gilenya) haven’t worked for me.

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It might be an idea to ask people to reply via a Private Message (PM) instead. This is because the Forum rules don’t (as I understand it) allow for the public discussion of named clinical staff, and that might naturally come up in replies to a query like yours. So you might get more useful replies through the PM route.


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Please reply via a Private Message (PM). Thank you.

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Can’t quite work out how to send a private message (no button for “send author a message” )but I’ll just say that I transferred to Queen Square back in August and have so far seen an excellent neuro, seen an MS Nurse, had neurophysio - two sessions and a third this week and another MRI tomorrow. My last one was in March at my previous hospital. And seeing the neuro again at the beginning of Feb.

Much better and more proactive than my previous hospital. I’m a member of the Women With MS Facebook group and I queried the NHNN on there first before I asked to be transferred.


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folk cant reply via pm cos u r anon.

Of course! Sorry all - I forgot that PMs don’t work when the OP has chosen to stay anon.