Anyone know a good private MS neuro in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Hi I’m having a nightmare with doctors and neurologists and really want to find a good neuro in Newcastle who can give me a brain and spine mri and a lumbar puncture to try and get to the bottom of alot of ongoing issues. Anyone out there who knows of someone amazing in that area please let me know. Thank you.

I don`t understand why people go private when you can get the same specialists on the NHS.

I`ve changed my Neurologist more than once in a year through the NHS. Why a pay a fortune and likely end up with the same specialist.

If your`e not happy with anyone then change. Save your money.

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I agree with Scudger. I too am having a nightmare with my neurologist but hopefully my GP will refer me to a different one on the NHS.

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Yeh maybe, it’s just hard when I’ve had mri scans but then no follow ups and a lots of problems have been changing and I’ve not been able to tell him. When I see the GP he says I shud be able to just make an appointment with the neuro but when I ring his secretary she says I need the GP to get an appointment with him…even though I’m under him… I just don’t understand. The doctors think I’m just crazy and it feels like because they think I’m just a mad person and my brain is just playing up amd making me feel these things they arnt really bothered to do anything. If the GP and the neuro are both being unhelpful it just seems easier to go private and tell them what I want so I can stop with all the middle man rubbish and just find out if what is gong on is MS. I have another scan booked for October but still no appointment with the neuro.may just need to change GP surgery and start again with a new doctor. Thank you both for your help though.

So who has authorised the scan in October. It must be from a Neurologist and they are your point of contact.

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Sorry Scudger but I disagree.

It’s a case of time; you are lucky to change your Neurologist in a year is good but if mich went private he could be seen next week.

After being given the run around for 18 months he just wants to be taken seriously. If he can afford £2-300 why not.


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Like everything in this world it comes down to money.

If you have £200 - £300 spare then yes go private.

I have`nt so I go through the NHS and to be honest it has been satisfactory.

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hi, it was the neuro who authorised the scan in october and i totally agree he should be my point of contact but for some reason he is not and i dont really understand why this is.

i have found a man in London who i may go and see as he is suppost to be really good, if he tells me im ok then i will trust him more than the people i have seen in Newcastle as i genuinely believe they have just written me off as mental.

I really appreciate your replies on this, its nice to see the different opinions about things, definitely better than just being ignored anyway.

Since Thursday i have been in so much pain, my chest, shin and face have been agonising things are just getting worse and i have two kids i need to consider, if going private gets a faster result and keeps me healthier longer then id rather do that than keep being told we cant help you, please wait another 6 months :frowning:

and i’m a she :wink: lol x

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Must admit, it`s the waiting and not knowing that makes you feel worse.

If I had the money I would definitely go private.


Just reading back through. Are you saying you have never been given the results of your first scan?

Above message meant for mich33

I agree mich33 if you are not getting listened to I think going private would be the best way to go. I will see how things go for me in the next month and if I am still not happy I will consider going private myself.

It said a hand full of scattered hyperintensiry lesions border line significant for age…

Well I shall let u know how I get on my appointment is in London with Dr Chataway on Sept 2nd if he says I’m ok I’ll be ok cos he’s the best about as much as I’ve heard! So fingers crossed. And again thank u to everyone for their advice!

Hi Mich33,

I live in Newcastle and undergoing various tests for MS - like you I wanted to go privately and I contacted the Nuffield who have Neurologists with private clinics but none of the few MS specialists have private clinics.

I waited two months to be seen at the RVI from results of MRI in April to being seen by MS specialist at the end of June. It should have been end of July but was brought forward with some assistance from my GP. I have another appt end of sept after further tests LP, neck/spine MRI and evoked potential test.

I decided to wait to see the MS specialist on the NHS rather than a general neurologist privately as I feel it’s best to get the best advice from someone who specialises in this particular area.

i totally understand your frustration, the waiting is painful, it took 3 months to get my mri results and I have multiple lesions which I thought would be urgent but apparently not?!

Speak to your GP to see if they can request an earlier appointment, my MS specialist says he has been doing extra clinics to get through the backlog.


Thank you, I have been to my GP multiple times and they just seem to think I’m crazy so I’ve gave up. I know my body is misbehaving but they seem to think it’s all mental. I feel this is the only way I’ll be listened too. It’s a shame really. I ended up a few weeks back in the doctors waiting room crying my eyes out as I feel so ignored and all she did was send me for a stomach ultra sound when I said my chest muscles were physically wud actually be funny if I wasn’t at my wits end :frowning: thank you for you comment though. I realy hope you are ok and are sorted soon!! X

So many of us are in limbo at the moment. Sadly a lot of us have either GP’s that are not sympathetic or do not listen or neurologists that do not listen either. In my case it was the “neurologist” but I will not give up as we all know our own bodies and know when there is something obviously wrong. I am luckier than some, well not actually luckier :slight_smile: but I have symptoms that can been seen, whereas some people don’t and it is so much harder I imagine.

I am waiting and hoping to be referred to another neurologist who specialises in ms, as not all neurologist know an awful lot about ms. If you are not happy with your neurologist ask to be referred to another, it is your right.

Keep a diary of your symptoms and prepare in advance before your consultation. I have made an easy read of my symptoms in the past six months ready for when I get my next appointment.

Marjie x

Thanx people. Yeh I’ve herd chattaway is fantastic so hopefully he won’t treat me like an idiot. But Yeh this limbo thing is hard especially wen you are made out to be insane. I get some people don’t know alot about MS but if you do and you are telling the GP or Neuro your concerns would it really hurt for them to take your opinions seriously and look into it. Even for peace of mind…I understand tests are expensive but it’s such an awful feeling to be told repeatedly to go away. Fingers crossed the system and knowledge people have will change some day.

I have also thought about going private and I’m also ‘at the RVI’. Mine started last year and after waiting months to see a neurologist and having a MRI I was told I had clinically isolated syndrome and that most times this goes away and you have no further problems! well it didn’t and here I am again waiting my appointment isn’t until October! Can I hell get an earlier appointment as I’m now classed as a new patient. It’s so bloody frustrating

Yeh it’s rubbish isn’t it!? So frustrating to feel so scared and have no one listen to you.