Anyone know a good private MS neuro in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow Michelle.

Marjie xx


Im also at the RVI, i was diagnosed in june with cis with transverse myelitis.I was in the RVI for a week they said i had lesions on the brain and spine and if i had another hit it would be upgraded to ms. Well im getting more hits and im back at the RVI Oct 5 to see a different specialist his name is Dr Spyropoulos, ill let you know if hes any good.

Im lucky to be in the army so am seeing an MO every week and hes put me on pills to try and lesson the aches and pains.

I kind of hope i get diagnosed with ms in Oct so at least i know, i hope you get the answers you need/want.

Regards Iain.

Mich33. Best of luck with your appointment tomorrow. My fingers are firmly crossed for you that you get some answers from neurologist who has an excellent reputation in his field.

Awh thank you so much everyone :slight_smile: and Yeh please do let me know what that neuro is like Putney 17!

So… I’ve been and seen Dr Chattaway the man is lovely! He listened to me the first person in two years to listen to me! I cried as I felt so overwhelmed. He is writing to my GP and my neuro to request I become his patient on the NHS and attend the hospital he works at in London for All the scans the lumbar puncture and some electric test on the back of my eyes… I’m so happy I’m being herd. Even if the outcome is all is well I know it’s the truth and I’m not just being fobbed off! So happy right now! Spending the day in London before heading home feeling a weight has been lifted! I know this is just the start but to be at the start after two years is a blessing! I’ve had my cry now it’s time to look forward.

Brilliant, so pleased for you Michelle. All we want is to be listened to.

Marjie xx

Isnt it! Im so happy! Erm He made me walk up and down a corridor to see how I walked, he pricked my feet with a pin, he used a tuning fork to see if I felt vibrations on my feet then he held it on my feet as it’s metal to see if I could feel the cold of the metal on my feet. He made me stand with my feet together to see if my balance was ok then made me do it with my eyes closed to see if I was off balance. He asked me about symptoms but I had sent him a two paged email before I went ha so he already knew alot. He asked about family history and said he wouldn’t rule anything out. I was in with him about 25 mins but that was long enough.please let me know how ur appointment goes!