Looking for a good neurologist

Hi all , is there anyone who has gone private to see a nurologist for ms symptoms? I believe i have symptoms and awaiting to see a neurologist and for an mri scan. I dont know how long i will have to wait with the nhs being under so much pressure. My symptoms are getting worst and are lasting longer. Would be greatfull for any information and if anyone could recomend a good neurologist. I live in wales.

I found a great private neurologist after searching Google. I did have to travel to London, but it was very worthwhile. I got speedy support and then got referred to his NHS clinic. I also have experience of a naff private neurologist in Sussex so you need to be lucky and do some research. All the best Mick

Probably worth contacting you local branch and see if they can provide information on your area.

Local support | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (mssociety.org.uk)

Hi Claire,

Im also in Wales (Powys), can’t recommend any private but just thought id say ‘bora da’
Ceri x

Bora da ceri…