Can you recommend a neurologist in London?

Hi all

New to this great site. I’ve been experiencing many/most symptoms of MS for the last 7 months and have seen a neurologist in London Wellington Hospital. He was very nice - but as soon as my chronic (20yr) insomnia was revealed, I feel like MS was automatically ruled out and everythin blamed on the insomnia. Like all of us, I don’t want to be told that I have MS, but I do want a realistic and considered diagnosis. MRI of brain and spine all clear, but symptoms getting very gradually worse. The only other option is Fibro, but this particular neurologist doesn’t believe in it, so at present I’ve been told to go home and ‘relax’.

Can anyone recommend a good MS specialist who takes time to listen - and is really proactive about testing? (I think an LP would be a good idea at this stage). Ideally someone who does believe that Fibro is a recognised condition.

I would be so grateful if anyone could give me a positive recommendation. I have full medical insurance - and I believe/hope that i’m entitled to a second opinion.

Best wishes to you all

Hi Jessie, I’m with the Royal Free, Hampstead… but although good, at first I found them quite dismissive… even though at that time I did have an MS dx.

But I have always heard very good stuff about the National Hospital for Neurology, Queen’s Square WC1. Often wish I was with them, but I’ve already changed neuro once and now doesn’t seem much point in changing again.

Here’s their website:

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Pat x

My Neuro is Sam Chong and I believe he also works at Queens Square. Really nice bloke. :slight_smile:

I saw Dr Kapoor at the Wellington - he’s an MS specialist and very pleasant too FWIW. Obiously eachcase is different but he certainly didn’t spare the horses when it came to tests - booked into Queens Sq that week and a full battery done pdq on the NHS. Perhaps try a referral to him and at least get an MRI?

Hi All,

I’m a new member and bumping this thread because it’s the exact question I need answering. Have had a couple of neuro episodes and am undiagnosed, have been waiting for a follow-up appointment but would prefer to see a specialist sooner rather than later. My MRI is scheduled for this week but the appointment not due until April - is that even legal?

My my options are realistically Barts, Queens Square or The Royal Free, anywhere with a central London location would be ideal. Could anyone recommend a neurologist with appropriate expertise in MS (I am under 40 and my symptoms predominantly unilateral ataxia on my dominant side) from one of these trusts that I may be able to see privately? It seems that every neurologist in town has a special interest in something, I’m a bit worried that when I am eventually reviewed as a NHS patient, I may end up being seen by a neurologist specialising in a different area.

Any advice on names would be helpful, particularly from forum members with long standing MS that are happy with the standard of their care.

Thanks in advance - VBSG.