Neurologist recommendation.

I will be moving back to the UK in the not too distant future, I currently live in Europe, and I am keen to have any recommendations for a good neurologist perhaps specialising in MS. I will be looking for somewhere to live and choosing somewhere with a good neurologist would be useful. I would be grateful for any help.

Hi, I can recommend Dr Panicker (true name) at The Walton Centre Fazackerly near Liverpool. The hospital is the only Centre of Excellence for Neurosciences in the UK.

He diagnosed me after others couldnt in 22 years of searching.

He has a very long waiting list.


I would politely suggest NOT deciding where to live based on proximity to a good neurologist!

In reality, you will only ever get to see them 2/3 times a year anyhow. London’s bound to have some excellent ones, as would most large teaching hospitals. I haven’t ‘seen’ mine for a year…choose somewhere to live that isn’t hilly or full of raised surfaces/loose paving stones etc…

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Thank you for your advice and suggestions.

two excellent Ms specialists in London (removed by moderator)St Mary’s Paddington & Professor (removed by moderator)St Barts

I don’t get it moderators? Why remove the names of doctors who have been offered helpfully and with good reason?..

I now feel compelled to add to this post to say that both neurologists (he/him/they) in East Kent are in my view hopelessly inadequate - so avoid if possible.


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The one i used to see in West Yorkshire is in my opinion rubbish.He changed my MS from SPMS to benign MS.My old trusted neuro said i was SPMS but he retired sadly,so this new one took over and decided i wasnt SPMS now but benign!!! I can only walk a few steps and have loads of mobility problems and cognitive problems too and dont leave my house only to go to the Drs or dentist,so how the heck he can say i have benign MS is beyond me.I have had MS for nearly 30 yr and had mobility problems from the start.I told him i would not be seeing him again as i thought he was talking absolute rubbish.

My advice would be, don’t speak to vegetables & eat them instead. Keep active & move to a place you can enjoy life.

There is no cure for MS. It’s best to improve diet & well being. Get out there in the fresh air & away from social media chaos.

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