Specialist Recommendations


Just wondering if anyone can recommend a ms specialist neuro in the north west area that will give me some help. Doc is trying her best to get someone who will consider my symptoms.

so thought I would ask on here or at least point me in the right direction.

many thanks


If you go to the ‘Near Me’ tab at the top of the page - you can search for specialists by area (they are the pink/purple coloured pins).

I live in the South East so can’t provide any recommendations I’m afraid


PG xx

Ahh yes thank you!

von xx

Whereabouts in the North-West are you or are you prepared to travel? The Walton Hospital, Liverpool is the specialist neuro hospital in the north-west but if Preston is more convenient, I can give you a couple of recommendations. If, however, you are in the south of Cheshire or up in Cumbria, I can’t really help but someone else may be able to.

I’m in preston and I’m under ms specialist dr mills only saw him once but he’s great fast with tests I see him again next month.

Hi Vonniel, I am in the n.w and I am seeing a m.s specialist this evening.Feeling very nervous right now,but pleased that I may have answers soon.

I will let you know tomorrow what he is like. I hope that I will be able to recommend him to you.

Linda x