neuro psycologist appointment.

hi, i have an appointment with a neuro psycologist soon and i was looking for anyone who can tell me what to expect when i see him for an assessment. i am not sure why i am seeing him or what he is looking for.

i am not worried about seeing him but i would like to know what to expect, any help would be helpfull.

lots of love lorraine x x x x

It’s the piece of string bit again, Lorraine. Depends entirely on the individual neuro-psychologist.

What you can be sure of is that his interest will be in the general area of cognition. Moreover, he will not be looking for anything in particular - and you should ask why you were referred. He may even tell you why at the start.

So, if you have ever mentioned memory problems, or that you have difficulty concentrating on things (cognitive fog) or that you feel stressed, or that you have some vision problems that the optician could not sort out, etc, these could all be reasons for the referral. Cognition is a very broad area, and you have no way of knowing what his particular slant is.

But, do come back and tell everyone how it went. Some of us may need one, but do not have a reason to ask for a referral - and you experience might just help them. Others may be like you, and simply want to know what to expect.


thanks for the reply,

will let you know what happens. i do feel as though my brain is mushy at times, memory and taking in new info is difficult.

love lorraine x x x

Hi Lorraine

I’ve just been referred to neuro psychology. I have cognitive issues ~ brain fog etc, as well as some Anxiety/Depression things going on. My Neurologist said the Psychologist will help to unscramble my brain, which in turn may also help with fatigue.

I haven’t got a date for my appointment as yet, but if it’s before yours I will post to let you know what happens.


hi karina.

i to have anxiety/depression things and have self referred to our local anx/depression service for cognitive help. i have fatigue and brain fog. today i nearly had a nasty accident in the kitchen ( turned the grill on and dont remember doing it), if it wasnt for hubby helping me god knows what could of happened. i am begining to wonder if i should stay out the kitchen as its not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

if the neuro psycologist can help with memory and getting back to clearer thinking, what a bonus!

my appointment is on 22nd nov

lots of love lorraine x x x

hi, just been to my first appointment, nothing much happened, had to go over history and symptoms. he was very nice and did not rush me. we have another appointment in 2 weeks where there will be tests and more talking about my past history.

so it was not as bad as i feared, mind you i have bladder dynamics tomorrow cant wait!!!

love lorraine x x x x

Hi Lorraine - I had mine today as well - where did you go for yours?

I was definitely nervous unnecessarily beforehand but it was really good. Such a great way to get all my thoughts about the symptoms aired and really be listened to. It was non-rushed unlike in a neurologists appointment and we spoke for an hour and a half!!! I hope you found yours helpful too. Did yours suggest anything helpful for you? I need to go back on gabapentin 600mg 3 times daily and go back in 4 weeks.

I don’t envy the bladder stuff!!! Hope it goes well.

hi debc,

my appointment was in torquay, and we spoke for a hour, mainly going over symptoms and who i have already seen. the next appointment will be tests and more talking! he did say my bad memory is not altzimers, which has been a thought that i might have, but that all sy symptoms point to ms. he did understand how horrible it is to not know what is wrong.

bladder thing later today hope it helps as im so fed up with “accidents” !!!

love lorraine x x x x