Hi all,

My husband has PPMS and for a couple of years cognitive issues have been getting worse.

Sometimes he is very confused and memory as bad as someone with dementia.

I now leave notes on the wall letting him know what day it is and where I am if at work.

He has now been given an appointment for a neuropsychiatrist but I dont know if there is anything they can do.

I dont want hubby to have more medication for the sake if it.

Have you ever visited a neuropsychiatrist for memory and confusion?



Hello Caz, I am not sure if my psychological symptoms and your husbands are similar in any way, but I have anxiety and don’t really go anywhere unaccompanied. As well as this I have poor concentration and I do sometimes get lost; in a house that I have lived in since I was four! I have seen some sort of a councillor, but I guess that this was more to do with her alaying my fears as of course there isn’t much that can be done about it. They could teach you coping mechanisms though which can be useful. Best of luck, Moira

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Thanks Moira,

He can be anxious at times when taken out in his chair but with me explaining how he should take deep breaths we get through that.

It is more the confusion of what he has eaten and not knowing even 5 minutes after eating it and last year for 15 minutes forgetting who I was.

Hopefully this neuropsychiatrist and just suggest a few things unmedicated.

With a mother with dementia I know his symptoms can sometimes seem worse than hers.


If you want a medication-free treatment you want a neuropsychologist

Psychiatrists are Doctors with psychological training and have a tendency to write out a script for anything (well that is what psychologists think).


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Thanks all for your replies. The referral letter states a 2 hour assessment well he was assessed years ago and we know the issues. I dont think I will put him through that and in total he will be out 4 hours which is too much for him. It’s a pity they didn’t have community neuropsychiatrist for housebound patients.

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A two hour assessment is a very long appointment time for a person with cognitive problems. Fatigue makes all cognitive issues worse, so add on the travel time and it all sounds like it would be a waste of his energy.

In your situation, I’d write to the hospital saying that it’s impossible for your husband to attend such a long appointment given travelling time as well. Make the point that he could do with some help and ‘isnt it a shame he can’t have a home visit!’ Given his problems he would be far too tired by the time the assessment began for it to be in any way a useful tool to assess what help he needs.

It doesn’t seem right that the very people who need the help can’t access it because it would be pointless to have a neuro psychiatric or psychological assessment if he’s too tired for it to be of any use.



Hi Sue You are so right in what you say. They tried to get him an early appointment but none available. They said even though they give the 2pm time it could run later. In view of that I cancelled as not fair to hubby and asked to contact us if earlier appointments.


Hi lushcaz, has your husband had his B12 level checked? B12 deficiency can go alongside MS and can also cause /add to these kind of problems - just a thought.