Neuro psychologist- What to expect.

Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’m asking for advice again

I am off to see a neuro psych on Thursday and I have no idea what to expect, has anyone seen one? I am going so I can prove to that useless waste of space who calls himself a neuro that all this is not in my head.

Will she tell me there and then if I’m mad or will I have to wait weeks for a report? What sort of things do they ask?

Hope everyone is ok



A neuropsychologist tests cognitive function. These neuropsychological tests are specifically designed tasks used to measure a psychological function known to be linked to a particular brain structure or pathway.

The tests assess the extent of impairment to a particular skill and to attempt to determine the area of the brain which may have been damaged following brain injury or neurological damage.

Mine was done in a little room with the person administering the tests. It was quiet, no distractions, basically an ideal situation but it didn’t really relate at all to real life, which is noisy and has tons of distractions from all sides. Despite this ideal situation my tests still showed cognitive impairment.

Don’t worry, it is nothing to get wound up about, honest!


OMG - nikki you have to read my thread on this around 22 nd May. I could help you with some possible questions but that would be cheating???!!! Hugs Min xx

Thanks Tulip it’s put my mind at rest.

Min you made me laugh, I guess it would be classed as cheating but it’s not till Thursday and I will have forgotten by then

How long was it till you both got your results?


Glad to help. I can’t remember how long it took to get results (ironic much?!) but it was not long.

You will do fine on Thursday, I found the tests rather interesting.


Hiya - Tulip, I can’t find your post about this… do you have a clue what page it’s on? Thanks.

I think you should cheat, lol. What kind of things are you asked? Will be interested to know if I should do this, also to get a report saying I’m totally ok mentally! Or have we misunderstood it’s purpose?


A couple of weeks to get results Min xx

Deb I’m a bit confused as well (not difficult really) I was originally referred after my epilepsy diagnosis and the fact I lost my job and independence. I didn’t handle it well.

Now the other neuro I saw about poss ms has decided its all in my head and seeing a neuro psych will prove it.


Hi again - I think I am on different tracks to you. I asked to see neuro psych to test my cognition. I was worried ms had affected it someway so was questionning my ability to do my job. Also wanted a baseline for the future. Didn’t realise your neuro wanted it as reading between the lines and no offence coz I dont believe it - that neuro thinks you’re mad and making everything up. Good luck with it all Min xx


I didn’t post when I had neuropsychology tests. I was a lurker then lol

Neurophysology tests are not about your mental state, they are about seeing how your brain handles tasks and the tasks showing neurological damage. Or not. For instance, with me I can no longer multi-task. Take a task, add noise, distractions and I struggle to complete the task. I also have problems with memory, word finding, previously learned skills, processing information (slowly)…this was not alway the case, it is because of the damage to areas of my brain from demylination.

Neuropsychiatry is about mental state.

It depends on which consultant and what their speciality is. Is it neuropsychology? Or, neuropsychiatry? These are not interchangable terms.

So, neuropsychiatrist test - studying mental disorders relating and attributing to the nervous system.

A neuropsychological test - studying cognitive function relating to specific areas of the brain.

Hope that helps. Even I am confused now!

Tu x

Thanks tulip. That’s what I thought but the letter definitely says Neuro psychologist. I guess I will find out tomorrow. Xxx

It is really not anything to be anxious or worried about, promise

Let us know how you get on.

Tu x

Hope your appointment went well today, Nikki?

Hope you are not a looney like me!! lol!!

Teresa. x

Maybe they have locked her up

Seriously, hope it went well…let us know asap!!


Hey Nikki

just got back. Hop[e your appointment went well.XXX


Well it wasn’t to bad. It was more psychiatric but she doesn’t want to see me again and said I have come the horrendous last few years in not to bad a state. Been through employment tribunal etc. I did feel rushed though. My appointment was the last of the day and was meant to be an hour but was only in there half an hour after her telling me she was off on holiday the next day and hadn’t packed! Anyway she said I was fine, I begged to be locked up just for the remainder of the school holidays but she said it was full lol. I will always be bonkers but my symptoms are nothing to do with it. Ah well off back to the back of the neurology queue.

Glad it went well, Nikki

At least it’s out the way now. All you have to do now is get the medical profession to believe your symptoms. I still think the private appointment is the best option for you to get the ball rolling to get some answers.

Looks like i’m the only looney on here after all then!

Teresa. x

Hey Nikki - pleased it went well - sort of. However shocking your appt was only 1/2 hour and she probably had her mind on packing. So you do have a valid complaint if done properly to the right person - might jump you up the queue. Hugs Min xx

Hey Nikki

I’m so pleased - we knew and you knew these symptoms weren’t all in your head and now the neuro has to sit up and take note becuase you’ve done the psych test to prove it(even though it wasn’t the full appointment).

I really hope now things start to move forward.



Hopefully not long now til someone sorts out once and for all whats going on.

Keep strong