Has any one been to a neurophyscologist and what do they do

Hi Steven, I saw one before dc as I was concerned about memory issues. I had 3 or 4 1hr sessions. She ran through loads of exercises designed to test cognitive function. Some were memory exercises such as match a design to one you saw earlier or recount a story that they read out. Others were concentration exercises such as count different tones whilst at the same time listening to someone talking. There were also ones with instructions to follow depending on what you heard eg a lift is on floor 1 count down 1 floor every time you hear the word UP and count up every time you hear the word DOWN ( not as easy as it sounds). One thing I would say is the tests are designed to be difficult. I was getting upset with myself for not being able to remember things and it was only when she went through the results that I realised that I wasn’t expected to come out with perfect results. I also found the sessions exhausting so if you have someone who can drive you there its a definite plus.

Gosh that sounds intense. I don’t think I could do some of those tests even when I’m fully functioning!