Off To See The Wizard (Neurologist)

Hi Everyone

I have my 1st appt with Neurologist next Wednesday and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to expect.

My GP told me that they wish to carry out demylination tests which i presume will involve Lumbar Puncture etc but was just wondering if 1st appt is merely a ‘Getting to know you’ or straight in with tests.

Any clues would be great



Hi Keith The first appointment usually involves a chat about your symptoms,history and a physical examine , reflexes etc . The MRI,LP etc usually come later,I’m 6 mths into investigation with no answers and I’m sure others will be along who have waited much longer,limbo land as we lovingly refer to. So welcome and hope you get some quick answers Gray

Hi Keith! My first neuro appointment was a bit of a “get to know you”. He asked about current symptoms (what they are, how long have i had them etc) followed by a neurological examination. Basically this was him testing my reflexes, movement of limbs, strength, balance, that kind of thing. He also looked in my eyes. He then told me he was referring me for an MRI - it’s this bit I’ve got to wait weeks for… still waiting now! I guess what further investigations your neuro refers you for depends on what they find from your physical examination. I would advise taking someone with you. A second pair of ears always helps. Once they decided what further investigations (if any) are required, be sure to ask plenty of questions like when will it happen, where it will be, what it involves and what the purpose of it is. I hope it all goes well for you.

Just want to reiterate what others have said…my first appointment involved a lot of questions about my medical history (including family history), current symptoms etc, followed by a physical examination involving reflexes, balance, eyes etc.

Once this is done, then the Neuro will decide what further investigations, if any, he/she would like you to have. Normally, you will then just have to wait to get appointments for these through the post.

Good luck. Hope your Neuro is as nice as mine was!

Yes my first appointment was just history and time line then a neuro exam, pretty straight forward probably an hour appointment.

I’m waiting for my MRI (for the second time), he/she will book the tests they feel appropriate for your symptoms. I dont think you’ll be having any tests done that day.

Good Luck

Jo xxx

Gray, birdlady, Purpledot & joarnold

Thank you very much for your kind responses and advice, very much appreciated.

I was kind of expecting a getting to know you session but it’s great to have a bit more info before I step into the breach.

hope you all have a good day

Keith. x


My first app was very productive. Started with a getting to know you, then neuro exam and to finish it off the decieded to put me into hospitol. I had a mri, lp, countless blood tests and 3 days of iv steroids over the 3 days stay.

I imagine it depends on how you present to them. I didn’t think i was “that bad” at the time, but must have been.