What price a bottle of energy?

5 weeks of radiation brain, complete with a grinding 2 plus hours strapped into the back of an ambulance; a tax impossible to calculate.

4 days of socialising, cooking and drinking and hopping on and off public transport; apart from the train fares etc, a huge slice of the adrenalin fun cake.

The aftermath, desperate for that lost energy, getting back to my dietary regime; days and days.

Can someone invent a bottle of bon viveur? Not these fizzy sugary things we see advertised by smiling uber-fit young things jogging on gym contraptions.

It’s my fault for enjoying myself I suppose.

Regrets? Rien.


Sorry I missed this one Steve , I’ve had a few stressful days filling in a pips form for Ben and all sorts of other worries, but I’m feeling better now . I watched a good video about stress and the lady talking about it described it as a monster living inside you. I really identified with her comments. I’ve done a lot of thinking and sorted loads of stuff out. Talking to Lee helps a lot as well as praying for a clear head. Michelle and Frazer xx

Steve I’m glad the radiation is over. I think you’ve earned yourself a holiday… Even if that only amounts to quiet time at home with the family. When you find the energy bottle though could I please have the name too add I’m flagging and I haven’t head half the problems you have. Take care of yourself. Cath