Anyone heard of it?

Found it when looking for fatigue treatments it’s endorsed by GMTVs Dr Chris steel and Philip Scofield.and was on a This

morning program.

It looks promising ive just got all the litriture through,I can see this saving the NHS lots of money, if used at therapy centres it can be purchased and used at home too if you want one.

please read up about it on line if you can it’s very interesting it evolves Air therapy from a compact machine via a nasel tube.

What do you think?

Hi Smokey

It looks really interesting. Just watched the video with Dr Chris Steel.

I couldn’t afford to buy one for myself but would definitely be interested in trying it out.


i have used one at the ms therapy centre but it is in a room away from everyone else and i get bored with nobody to talk to.

i liked the film of a woman on an exercise bike using it.

also the one watching tv using it.

i imagine it’s expensive but i’d love one at home.

shame i’m too skint

carole x

Hi Carole and pigpen

I really want to try this out I shall see if my local Ms therapy unit has one.

How long did you try it for Pigpen? Did it make you feel more energised?


how much will it cost, anyone know pls?

Starting from £930

Hi db9355

I’ve requested information pack direct fromBio Life Solutions they are the company that makes them,there are three prices starting at £2900 for basic machine increasing to £3743 and £4657 I think the lower priced one is used for sportsmen to help with their performance even Jenson button uses it before a race!

The most expensive package is recommended for people with long term illness I think it has more activation units in it so it converts more energy (and God do we need it).

Im going to ring some theopy centre up and find out if there’s one in my area as I’d be keen to try it. I’ll keep you updated

Ann x

hi ann

it doesn’t cost anything at my ms therapy centre.

i should use it more!

the only reason i don’t is that it is away from the others and so i can’t indulge in gossip!

i’ll read my book whilst in there.

carole x

The problem with these things is that they’re not double blind placebo tested. It seems that all of their ‘worth’ comes from anecdotal evidence.

But, as we’re always told, if we think it helps then do it. So long as it’s not doing harm then placebo is powerful and if it is doing good the all the better.

I certainly wouldn’t pay that kind of money for unproven science, though.

Hi, I have chronic insomnia/central apnea type symptoms for many years after chemical exposure- which- of course the medical people don’t accept; I am waiting to see a consultant in metabology?

The airnergy machine I have -activated air from biolife solutions had subtle effects for me but didn’t help my sleep so I stopped using it after little use maybe 3 months.

I now have reason to believe Some of my symptoms are caused by parasites/candida so these , plus the metabology appointment are the courses I’m taking.

the activated air machine is for sale- it’s been packed away for a few years since I stopped. It has 3 activators plus extras.

i need £1000 or near for it but anyone living close is welcome to try it though I must say its not an overnight miracle but could help with regular usage.



The HBOT (Hyper-Barric Oxygen Treatment) and Airnegy are both available at my MS therapy centre.

I have used them both, reasoning that if it does no harm then why not.

I did notice an improvement in my bladder after my initial 3 times a week for 3 months but not much more.

i still go for HBOT once a week, mainly because i like the centre and have some good friends there,

A lot of people say they can’t function without 3 sessions a week so, like everything, it depends on the individual.

Try it and see for yourself.

Carole x

ps i used to be pigpen

Still have activate-air unit for sale - 3 units plus colour therapy, from Germany - identical to Airnergy, with additional

colour therapy. Same science - same design. Free trial to anyone at my home , sessions 20-30 minutes.

little useage on my part , have a type of insomnia. Price around £800. I live in Pontypridd cf37 1 NJ?