Something different that has happened

Recently I have felt better in the mornings sort of lighter it’s hard to discribe and there are I now realise two possible reasonmy vit D being increased to 5000ius each day or my AirNergy machine which I use three times each day, I suspect it could be the vit D anyone else notice a difference, if their dose was altered?

Any opinions welcome

This was after a period of three months of using and it was sudden and I just do t feel so ill any more.

Ann x

I’d never heard of an AirEnergy machine before so I went to look at their web site. It seems very interesting but you know I hate anything that you have to send off for the price. If it’s outside my pocket I don’t even want to investigate further so l am turned off by what seems like a marketing ploy - send for a price and they have you hooked. Since you have one I wonder if you would be willing to let us know the ball park cost.


Is this it? from £930.

Hi Jane

i found out about the AirNergy machine by accident as I was researching for fatigue trials, I don’t know if you ever watch GMTV

This morning Programe but I discovered a video of one program which showed Dr Chris Steel talking about it and he was saying it is good for anyone and had no side effects, and sportsman often use it before they compeat.

My Husband tried to hire one initially but they were all unavailable so he rang the suppliers office and we purchased one that was re-conditioned it cost us £1800 there are several different types and prices ours is middle of the range and came complete with cannulas Air filters etc Bottle for water basically everything you would need for first couple of years I think.

If you look online there are plenty of reviews of people getting good results with it and not just MS but several other illnesses too, I know you can use this device in therapy centres too and I thinks the cost is £15 for 20 minutes maybe that’s an alternative if you want to try it out and rather than spending a lot of money.

Another good thing about it if you suffer with fatigue it makes you stop and rest for 20 minutes whilst using it.

I hope this helps

Ann x

Thanks Anne,

as l suspected - beyond my means but it sounds good and l hope it is helping you.


I thought the use of AirNergy had been debunked as unscientific, following the lack of formal trials. Obviously if you feel there’s a benefit to you then that’s excellent, but for me it looks like lots of money for air!

Feel free to correct me if anyone has come across scientific evidence for it working.