3 months on high dose Vit D3

A little update:

Have to say there hasn’t been a dramatic difference… but I do actually think there is a change in my fatigue.

I am not having the complete ‘I’m dying’ meltdowns that I was having. Still get tired but I think I can honestly say I have a bit more energy in general and also my mood seems a bit lighter somehow. Even my sister visiting the other day noticed a difference.

Might not be the Vit D at all… but on other hand it might be.

Certainly have had no negative affects at all.

Btw… on 5,000 iu daily and got them from Healthy Origins on Amazon.

Pat x

Hi Pat Glad it seems to be of benefit to you - please remember to keep an eye on your levels by having regular blood tests. I had mine checked earlier in the year after taking 5000 ius every day and it was on the high side, so I went down to one every other day. During this weather I take them every third day as there is more sunshine around. Teresa xx

Thanks Teresa. Will do. I’m seeing doctor a couple of weeks and will ask for test.

Can’t say we’re having much sunshine in London. Very mild but seems to have been overcast all the time.

Hope you’re well hon,

Pat x

Not too bad Pat but the hot weather today has played havoc with my legs! Hope you’re well? Teresa xx