update on me and vit d3

It has now been just over 5 weeks since i started and i can honestly say that looking at everything, the vit d3 supplement has made a subtle difference. the pain has lessened overall , tho not gone away, my energy levels have gone up a tiny bit overall, but i will say it seems to go hand in hand with a positive attitude. so maybe thats not the d3 working at all, who knows, but overall i do feel a bit better, so i would recommend anyone else in limboland, if you haven’t had your vit d3 levels checked yet, do, cos if you are low, then you could get supplements and be a bit better! saying that, im still scared about holiday tommorow, but am going with the thought of " what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and you have survived everything so far!". and im still scared about what to do come November when i get tested again, depending on how things are,i hate waiting and wondering :frowning:

sorry didnt mean to have 2 posts, can someone delete the extra i dont know how…

All you need to do is report your own post and we’ll get to it and delete it.



Wise advice :slight_smile:

Anyone who hasn’t had their vitamin D3 levels checked should ask their GP for a blood test.

Make sure and ask for the actual numbers when you get the results. MSers are normally advised to have D3 levels above 150nmol/l - this is MUCH higher than your GP will think is fine. The results show D2, D3 and an overall D level (= D2 + D3); it is only the D3 that’s important.

Have a great holiday Jules - I’m sure it will be fine.

Karen x

thanks Karen, thats useful to know actually,i don’t know what she was referring to with the 33, d2, d3 or overall. thanks Val, think someone else got there first, can’t see my other post now, thanks tho now i know what to do if i accidentally post twice again!


Hi time to be brave - and enjoy. Following on from your last post…I made my trip to France last week and had a fab time, I am sure you will to. Just remember to fit in a couple of extra tea and cake stops…and yes the wine was cheaper than the coffee in France! Hurray! Lol Mish x

Hey Mish, Yep time to be brave! Hehe, that was good then, cheap wine! Glad you had a fab time, I’ll be sure to report back here when I get back!