Hugs needed please :-(

I was trying not to post as I fear being on the forum fuels my fears (but i still wanna show support for you guys) but I can’t cope a second longer without talking to people who understand.i keep wanting to text mates but then i don’t know how explain things.It’s been a week since I started the vitamin d supplement, now i don’t know if it’s a lack of positivity, cos i started the first few days convinced it was gonna solve everything. But all I’ve had for the last week, is pain and numbness is getting worse. The other night the left side of my face was numb for quite a while, normally numbness doesn’t bother me that much, but it never used to be so frequent. It got me really uptight and upset. Then at work yesterday, my wrists felt really weak and I was really low, couldn’t even cover it up for my colleagues nor did I want to. This morning has been muggy and my legs got weak quite quickly, i made the mistake of pausing to what i assumed would refuel my energy by resting, but when i started walking again, the heat had got to me and i was dizzy. I keep telling myself that give the supplement a month or 2 and it will solve everything, but now I’m not so sure that it will and that come the end of the 4 months when I have to go back for a check up, I will have to push for a neuro review cos it won’t have solved everything :frowning:

Try and hang on - it takes about 4 weeks for a supplement to make a difference.


Karen x

Thanks Karen, i wasn’t sure how soon I could expect a change. It has improved me energy levels slightly, I guess im just scared that it won’t make a difference in the bigger picture, cos it doesn’t definetley rule out MS does it? or does it?


Hi jules - I’m no expert but reading your post I think you could be expecting too much from vitamin d. Are you on any meds for your pain and numbness as they might help more. Big hugs Minxx

Hey Min,

To be honest, i don’t know what symptoms vit d deficiency can cause, im only going on what my dr. told me that she thinks taking the supplement should take away my pain and fatigue, pain was the thing she zoomed in on from my symptoms list, other things such as sensory pain (burning,prickly ect,…), numbness, tremors, and cognitive, she kinda ignored. I’m guessing vit d can’t sort those. im convinced the pain is neuropathic but think i need an MRI to confirm that i assume. Maybe i should do some googling, find out exactly what i can expect it to fix and what not…

thanks for the hugs!


sorry didnt answer the question there, no I’m not on any meds im not sure that its bad enough and i don’t do taking pills well, im on vit d drops.


And i was told i had to take vit d supplement cos im far to low.

Hi Juleslovesmusicals , I also have been put on vitamin D tablets as i was told iam insufficent ,its not helped with the pain or fatigue . doc is going to refer me to a nuero so will wait and see .

Good luck with trying to sort it all out , iam still trying to xx

HUgs hugs hugs and more hugs

I can’t give any advice but just wanted to send you huge ((((((((HUGS)))))))) Xx

Hey Jules - sounds like you have a great doctor. well good in paying attention to a couple of your problems. The others she probably doesn’t understand but perhaps she will be open to learning from you and taking advice on what treatment you think you need. I too am on vitamin D as I was low. I believe a lot of non ms people in uk will be low too as you can’t get enough from the diet only sunshine. So that’s every person in a care home low. Are the docs doing anything? No of course not would cost too much - oh what a cynic I am Pain I am a real wimp and usually reach straight for the tablets. Eye pain is my worst pain. I take 2 codeine and 2 ibuprofen to sort it out but then suffer the constipation consequences. More hugs Min xx P.s you never did tell me what your favourite musical was. I asked you a while ago in a different thread

Hi Jules , (((hugs))) keep your chin up. Xxx Frank

Thanks for the hugs guys (((hugs back)), i feel a little better today. Eeps sorry Min, these threads move so fast I can’t keep up.I don’t have a favourite musical per se, there are some i love more than others (Les Mis,Billy Elliot,Wicked), but my special musical is Joseph :slight_smile:

Jules I’m off to see wicked tomorrow, never seen it before. I love Joseph too and cats Xx

Oh awesome Nikki, hope you have a great time, Wicked is brilliant :slight_smile: